Blogger Jim Hoft uses Nigerian sex slave teens hashtag to LOL at non-sociopath’s concerns

By TBogg
Saturday, May 10, 2014 14:36 EDT
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Blogger Jim Hoft, who is alternately known as Gateway Pundit,  the Dumbest Man On The Internet, or That Guy Who Is Always Sniffing Around Dana Loesch’s Crotch, wants everyone — particularly “libs” who tweeted #BringBackOurGirls on the Twitter machine — to suck it because the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls have probably already been sold into sex slavery and, har har har, you guys are a bunch of losers. Loooosers.

Particularly Michelle Obama.

Normally Hoft can be counted on to bring his special brand of  seething white hot unfiltered racism to any discussion, but he’s really feeling his oats today because of his big non-scoop, so why not attribute the hashtag campaign to liberals instead of,  you know,  the families and activists in Nigeria who actually started it?

So, we get this:

#BringBackOurBalls ➙ Sorry Libs, The Schoolgirls Have Already Been Sold, Put on Canoes & Shipped to Chad

Boko Haram Islamists abducted over 200 teenage girls… late at night, from their school dormitories in northeastern Nigeria back in mid April.

In response to this atrocity the left stared down this evil by starting a heroic Twitter campaign. Michelle Obama tweeted out this sad-faced photo in support of the girls.

As pointed out above, “the left” didn’t start the campaign, but did join in helping to draw world-wide attention to plight of the kidnapped girls forcing the Nigerian government to accept help they had previously refused from the international community.

But, no, Hoft isn’t really concerned with the girls well-being because they are just a way for him to pinball around and glance off a few of his personal bête noires: liberals, black people, Africans, muslims, and Barack Obama – who is all of the preceding.

Hoft adds this encouraging little gloat-note:

So good luck bringing “our girls” back.
You’re too late.

…. before citing libel-litigant and former drama critic Mark Steyn’s hashtag call to #BringBackOurBalls because the two of them are going to go all Seal Team 6 on the kidnapper’s asses.

It’s no #Benghazi, but sometimes you have to go to war with the hashtag you have, not the anatomy you wish you had…






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