Ron Paul fanboys think those Sandy Hook truthers are on to something, so hmmm…

By TBogg
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 15:45 EDT
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[UPDATE]: since I posted this, Alex Jones is now on the case. See video at the bottom.

After the post went about about the dick who stole the sign from Grace McDonnell playground and then called the girl’s mother to tell her her daughter never existed, I was alerted to a little somethin’ somethin’ at The Daily Paul.

What is the Daily Paul, you might rightly ask?  It’s just a hub for Ron Paul lovin’ and also ‘Peace … Gold …Love,’ just like Jesus and Ron Paul preached when they were talkin’ ’bout rEVOLution.  Over at the Daily Paul you can get your fill of guvmint being wrong stuff, sovereign citizen updates, and some truly sweet Ron Paul swag, ownership of which will come in handy if you wear it to your interview for an ambassadorship in Rand Paul Administration.

Providing, of course, President Rand doesn’t cut off wasteful communication with foreigners because they are not Americans.

And you can also find out that the whole Sandy Hook massacre thing that left 27 people dead seems a little hinky and is probably not true and here is just the guy to ‘splain it all to you from this man-castle in Florida.

Meet Wolfgang W. Halbig.

Wolfgang “…isn’t your average ‘conspiracy theorist.’ He’s worked in public education as a teacher, dean, assistant principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.”

He has also been a Florida State Trooper, which gives him law enforcement cred, because Florida is the crazy crime center of the universe.

Here is a Mr. Halbig radio interview where he explains that things just don’t add up and that, when he adds 20 dead kids to six dead school employees , hecome up with…. carry the three… nobody died.

Yes. It is long. And he seems lucid and truly concerned until — at the sixteen minute mark — he says, “I think it was a scripted event that took place. I think it was in planning for maybe two, two and a half years,” before concluding — at the 18:30 mark– that he doesn’t believe that any children were killed.

Which would make sense if you believed that the entire state of Connecticut, including all school employees, government officials, law enforcement officers, parents who lost their kids, and the FBI and Federal government were in on this grand conspiracy to hoodwink the world.

Wolfgang W. Halbig is making sense!

What set Wolfgang’s conspiracy gears ratcheting up into overdrive was a couple of Florida homicide detectives stopping by his home and telling him to quit sending harassing letters to Connecticut officials and school board members and even the Sandy Hook nurse who hid in a closet with some kids. You can read a few of his increasingly shrill letters here.

My favorite is to Sandy Hook Elementary nurse

To: Sally Cox <xxxx@newtown.k12.ct.us>
Subject: SHS Parent Contact

I am a trainer for the US Justice Department COPS IN SCHOOL PROGRAM.

Are you a registered Nurse?

Why in the closet for four hours?

Why close your eyes when you have seen blood before you are a nurse?

Wolfgang W halbig

Seems like a reasonable request of a woman who was on-site when a crazy person strolled around and murdered twenty elementary children and six of her friends and colleagues. WHY SO QUIET LADY! WHAT ARE YOU HIDING!??!

And lest you think that Halbig is just a lone crank in the wilderness, he set up an account at gofundme to raise money to complete his ‘investigation,’ because he needs the money to hire lawyers to depose employees of the school and the officials who investigated the massacre and, hey, maybe a few of those fake grieving parents.

Who wouldn’t want to relive those days to satisfy the curiosity of some guy who lives a thousand miles away?

Total raised so far: $20,370.00, with the page shared 1.5K times on Facebook.

Why would people contribute to something as fucked up as this? As one of amenable Paulite’s said: “Who, again, will argue with the truth?”

The answer to that is: Wolfgang W. Halbig.


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