WATCH: John Oliver reads excerpts from Warren G. Harding’s ‘smutty f*ck notes’ to his mistress

By Tom Boggioni
Monday, July 14, 2014 7:01 EDT
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John Oliver returned to action this week on HBO’s Last Week Tonight and shared excerpts from former President Warren G. Harding’s “smutty f*ck notes” written to his mistress,  while noting that the former president was fond of calling his penis ‘Jerry.’

Explaining that America’s 29th president’s greatest achievement was “dying two years into his first term,” Oliver pointed out that America learned a great deal more about Harding from his handwritten love letters.

In them, Harding described his “eager, passion wild, jealous, reverent, wistful love,” for his neighbor’s wife.

“Believe me, these are not ‘eager, wistful, and jealous love letters,’” Oliver explained. “These are smutty f*ck notes, so raunchy a 40-year-old mother of two should be reading them on her Kindle.”

Oliver then read excerpts from the letters: “Wouldn’t you like to get sopping wet out on Superior — not the lake –for the joy of fevered fondling and melting kisses?”

“Damn, Warren,” Oliver exclaimed. “You nasty.”

Initially stating that history will now only remember Harding for his “lake-based erotic poetry,” Oliver pointed out that the former president will also be remembered for referrring to his penis as “Jerry.”

“Yes. Warren G. Harding, America’s 29th President called his dick ‘Jerry’”

Oliver the reads another excerpt from the love letters where Harding mentions ‘Jerry.’

“You recall Jerry …. He told me to say you are the best and darlingest in the world, and if he could have but one wish, it would be to be held in your darling embrace and be thrilled by your pink lips…”

“I will say this for Warren Harding, ” Oliver concludes. “As a president he was horrible, but as an R&B lyricist, he was way ahead of his time.”

Watch the video below from HBO’s Last Week Tonight:

Tom Boggioni
Tom Boggioni
Tom Boggioni is based in the quaint seaside community of Pacific Beach in less quaint San Diego. He writes about politics, media, culture, and other annoyances. Mostly he spends his days at the beach gazing at the horizon waiting for the end of the world, or the sun to go down. Whichever comes first.
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