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Barack Obama Was Made From Clay And The Saliva Of The Gods

By Jesse Taylor
Sunday, July 20, 2008 23:25 EDT

This is an insanely exhaustive analysis that will once again propel the right wing blogosphere to the insane heights of Rathergate, minus the relevance or interest. I can’t help but really enjoy this – as long as they keep doing this, it helps prevent them from doing anything which might actually sway someone not to vote for Obama.

As such, the spirit of this post is dedicated to the fact that Atlas Shrugs is a horrible, horrible website who’s unfairly slandering blah blah ruining democracy blah blah big fake tits yadda yadda. Continue as such, link around and stir up controversy, and let’s spend the next two months embroiling the entire right in highly relevant and not at all counterproductive obsessing over photoshop filters and the bureaucratic wranglings of Hawaii’s birth certificate systems. I’m sure at least one of the offices has a typewriter to inspect!

Netroots Nation doneness

By Amanda Marcotte

So we’re not going to the blogger brunch today, but instead taking time for a real redneck pleasure of tubing with beer down one of our outlying rivers. One the whole, the conference was, as expected, amazing. I’m amused to see that the mere idea that liberals are getting together and having fun in each others’ company makes the right wingers insane (and our troll comments click up a few notches), which just increases my…


Loathing and Loathing in North Austin

By auguste
Saturday, July 19, 2008 22:16 EDT

The problem with using your cell phone as your alarm clock is that if you forget to make the ringtone and the alarm tone different, sometimes you sleep right through the damn thing through some sort of desensitization effect. Thus it was that I woke up too late to hear…


Don’t Post Up Jesus

By Jesse Taylor

Last year, the Texas state legislature passed a law allowing for Bible classes to be taught in public schools. The classes are allegedly supposed to be non-denominational and focused on the history and literature of the Bible without any focus on preaching or proselytization. The Texas state legislature also passed…


Surreal Netroots Nation moments starring Bob Barr

By pams

Don’t blink, but the CBS affiliate here got a shot of me this AM during the Al Gore speech. It’s near the beginning. The story is entitled “Left Bloggers Claim Web Dominance Over Radio-Oriented Conservatives.” Gee, doesn’t that sound dangerous? OK, now the real kicker. I come out of a…


In Defense Of Fuck

By Jesse Taylor

Michelle Malkin doesn’t like the fact that the Fuck Panel called her out by name. She also doesn’t like Arabs, Muslims, the Japanese, liberals, sick kids, craftsmen, Mexicans, troops, Rachael Ray, filmmakers, black people, immigrants, feminists, John McCain, moderate Republicans, Michelle Obama and perhaps saddest of all…herself.…


Whence The Dick In The Box?

By Jesse Taylor

Reading over Joel Stein’s description of several crappy ways to make fun of Obama, it’s startling to read that the media isn’t trying to find ways to make funny things funny, but ways to even find actual funny things. One of the things we discussed in the panel yesterday is…


Come to my panels!

By Amanda Marcotte

I figured I’d be up front about my desires for this Netroots Nation. I have one on reproductive rights called “Breaking the Frame” at 3PM, and if you see me wandering around with a cameraman, please come over and get your lovely mug on video talking about feminism and reproductive…


Don’t think of a lion

By michaelb

Shhhhhh! While everyone else is cursin’ and swearin’ and having a good old time at Netroots %$#@ing Nation, I think I’ll just slip in here quietly and tell a Jamie Story. Below the fold, of course. Yeah, I know I said I’d be back and posting more often. But it’s…


Gosh Gee Whillikers

By Jesse Taylor

The New York Times was at the fuck panel. Also, to the NYT commenters: I am, in fact, black.…