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By Amanda Marcotte
Friday, July 18, 2008 18:34 EDT

So we’re sitting here watching Markos debating Harold Ford (who is in fact even more a slick politician creep than you’d think), which is exciting enough, but I’m sitting here with the Rude Pundit, who just informed me of something amazing. And by amazing, I mean “makes you feel superior in ways that you could have never dreamed”. Right wing bloggers are having a convention. Here in Austin. No, really. Hundreds of people are expected, almost enough to fill a corner of this lunchroom we’re using for Netroots Nation.

Okay, on the actual lunch we’re in: Harold Ford just wasted everyone’s time by defending the DLC by name-dropping Bill Clinton and trying to impress us. It’s like humping a dead horse, but I suppose it’s all they got is saying, “Oh, Bill Clinton won! Remember that?” Except that Clinton didn’t get a clean win, but rode into office off Perot vote-splitting. And the giant losses in 1994. It’s kind of sad the way Clinton’s win is treated like a fluke, like we snuck that one in by a largely right wing country. The idea that the right is a solid majority is a persistent myth in DC circles. It’s understandable, to a degree. I think that myth persists because right wingers tend to be louder, angrier, and speak as if they have the authority of America behind them. (Look at the way that the right wing convention is littered with nonsensical references to historical patriots.) They are the squeaky wheels. This illusion is why it’s so scary, I think, for Democrats to move to the left where they belong.

Update: On noes! They’re taking audience questions.

It’s Not The Islam, It’s The Believing In Allah

By Jesse Taylor

Colonel Bud Day, who you may remember from being a Swift Boater and absolutely nothing else ever, decides to talk about the war on terror: The Muslims have said either we kneel or they’re going to kill us… I don’t intend to kneel and I don’t advocate to anybody that we kneel, and John doesn’t advocate to anybody that we kneel. May I recommend kneepads? I’m sure you’ll find some on the Straight Talk Express.…



By Jesse Taylor

The Weekly Standard: Barack Obama delivered a speech in West Lafeyette, IN on Wednesday and once again mangled some well known historical facts: Throughout our history, America’s confronted constantly evolving danger, from the oppression of an empire, to the lawlessness of the frontier, from the bomb that fell on Pearl…


A Testimony To The Netroots

By Jesse Taylor

Our panel having gone smashingly well, I of course immediately headed to Commentary magazine to see if we’d shaken the very core of political discourse. Mission accomplished. Or: they are there for window dressing to provide the patina of national security expertise when, in fact, the major foreign policy objectives…


Lesbian appeals faith-based firing from job at publicly-funded Baptist home

By pams

Barack Obama still has to answer serious questions about his plan to institute a Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The idea of federal funds being given to FBOs for secular programs to service at-risk populations is one that pre-dates Bush’s politicized iteration. However, any plan, given the state of…


Inverse proportion

By auguste

I’m sitting in what Jesse affectionately terms the “Fuck” panel, and if I’m not mistaken, Lee Papa (aka Rude Pundit) is the only one on the panel who hasn’t sworn – and this is a panel that includes Kevin Drum. Update: That didn’t last much longer. Atrios says (extreme paraphrase)…


Representing at Netroots Nation

By pams

I’ve been lax reporting from Netroots Nation. Yesterday I attended the the Black Caucus, where I finally met our esteemed Pandagon wordsmith Jesse Taylor. He’s so tall that I look like a hobbit. We traded tips on perfecting our Muslim/Marxist/Terrorist/Negro Overlord Fist Bump.…


You Just Can’t Give Black People Nice Shit

By Jesse Taylor

They just go throw it away on field staff and campaign operations. And chicken. The Weekly Standard discusses Obama’s wacky, out of control spending that’s left him with only $72 million for fire hydrant parties and the inevitable purchase of mandatory prayer mats for fall rallies. The weirdest part about…


Finally, Misogyny Has Been Achieved

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, July 17, 2008 18:01 EDT

Via Roger Ailes, K. Lo. wonders if misogyny has finally come true based on the prophecy of Pope Paul VI: Browse on over to Cosmo on the newsstand with me: SEX POLL: 30,570 Dudes Tell What They’re Dying for You to Do in Bed.” [To all of them? That’s one…


I Cannot Believe We Actually Know This

By Jesse Taylor

Barack Obama went to the gym three times yesterday. I’m just sad now.…