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What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tune?

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, July 3, 2008 16:28 EDT

You know, when liberals say that the media is in the tank for McCain, it’s not because we’re trying to create some reverse ratfuck scenario in order to improve our fortunes. It’s because things like the Note exist.

Here comes the McCain comeback — again.

A bulldog is in place, outside help is on the way, and the candidate is even coming back to the country on his new plane(action-hero style — along with some hostages).

Suddenly, Sen. John McCain is catching some breaks.

And so the new narrative is primed and in place (and it’s the same as an old narrative): McCain could actually do this thing. (Actually, while the polls remain tight, right now he’d settle for not being counted out — but he’ll take what he can get.)

The Politico gets an honorable mention for this hagiography of McCain’s new campaign manager. McCain won’t ever be counted out – not after a massive campaign shakeup four months before the election, not after blatantly lying about previous statements, not when Montana looks to be in play.

The best part about it, as always, is the idea that none of these reporters have the slightest clue how to stop the runaway train that is The Narrative, and that should they do so, they risk doing a disservice to us, the demanding public. After all, should we not receive our daily dose of minor gaffes and reinforcement of storylines decided on campaign planes, how will we ever know who David Broder wants us to vote for?

Save the wingnuts from existential crisis

By Amanda Marcotte

Ken Blackwell, who did his part to help get war-mongerer George Bush back in office in 2004, has a maudlin article about life up at Townhall. No, not Iraqi life, you fools. We can’t imagine that he’s started caring about the lives of people who have nerve endings to feel pain, brains to sense fear, and families that will miss them. The only life that counts, which is embryonic life, with a side hat tip…


That little Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships idea…

By pams

My late, but not forgotten lengthy weigh-in on this topic. I’ve had so little time to actually write anything of consequence this week, but I didn’t want to toss off something frivilous about Barack Obama’s speech about implementing a Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships if elected. The thumbnail purpose…


Will The Honorable Glibertarian Please Rise?

By Jesse Taylor

When I was applying to law schools, I got a couple of letters from the University of Tennessee talking about all they had to offer. Sadly, Professor Glenn Reynolds was not on the list of items that would me me a leader of tomorrow, but I was always sort of…



By Jesse Taylor

Democrats suggested today that Senator John McCain may choose Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane of Hazzard County, Georgia, as his running mate. Coltrane, despite being a fictional character from a nonexistent county, is widely discussed in Democratic circles as being a tough on crime conservative with a long record of executive…


Bamboo Review: We’re Never Going To Stop Talking About This Movie

By Jesse Taylor

You cannot escape motherfucking Wall-E. He is in your dreams. He is your dreams. Well, not really, but I wanted to approach yet another facet of this movie. And no, it’s not the fact that Wall-E is a less verbose Johnny 5. It’s the conservative caterwauling about it. I’d go…


PUMAs, swiftboated and not

By Amanda Marcotte

So, that PUMA thing blew up. Naturally, people are casting around looking for any reason to suggest that the stereotype—hysterical women too dumb to know what’s good for them voting for McCain out of spite because Clinton lost, thereby inadvertently proving that women are probably too stupid to vote, much…


This Is Why We Need Buses

By Jesse Taylor

I hereby declare the death of the “a taxicab driver told me” meme. When white supremacists start talking to Uncle Ruckus on their way to the movies, it has officially eschewed all meaning and rounded the bend to some guy in the corner talking about how the nice driver man…


Smart cars disappoint

By Amanda Marcotte
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 23:48 EDT

I got all excited when I saw Farhad Manjoo had a review up of something called the Smart ForTwo, which is a backseat-less small car that can fit into even the scariest small parallel parking spots. “Ah-a!,” I thought, “People are beginning to wise up to a frustration that drove…


I Don’t Need Saving

By Jesse Taylor

You know, I was hopeful. LaShawn Barber wrote a piece declaring (I thought) that fathers abandoning their children is a form of abuse. As the child of a single mother with a father who ran out, there was a constant, lingering doubt about my own self-worth that always played around…