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Focus…Focus…No, Idiot, Focus!

By Jesse Taylor
Saturday, July 12, 2008 23:45 EDT

Is it just me, or are we on about week two or three of McCain’s first week of refocusing his campaign?

If Barack Obama made one mistake this campaign season, it was not signing up for Infinite Redos. He signed up for Colonial French Literature instead, which wasn’t even an easy grade.

Favorite things

By Amanda Marcotte

Not fun stuff about moving: Nothing ever seems to go quite as planned. Fun stuff about moving: Your boyfriend emerges from his junk closet and says, “I forgot I had these, but since you have a record player, I thought you’d be interested,” and dumps a box that he says was given to him a few years ago and he hasn’t had much use of it yet. And the box is full of LPs and…


How To Enjoy Austin, TX During Netroots Nation

By Amanda Marcotte

Ack, I meant to get this up yesterday. There’s a lot of joys in moving (new place, new paint, chance to clean behind the couch), but one of the big drawbacks is packing takes over your life and you can’t blog anymore. I promise, once Netroots Nation is over and…


WLF Watch

By Jesse Taylor

Shorter Amity Shlaes: the only way we can improve the economic lot of everyday Americans is to convince them to stop whining about it.…


In Case You Missed It: You’re A Whiny Little Fuck

By Jesse Taylor

Republicans have apparently decided that when one of them says an embarrassingly stupid thing about the economy, the best thing to do is keep saying it over and over and over again. “All-Star” and Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes wholeheartedly endorsed Gramm’s assessment, saying he was giving “straight talk”…


The New Internet Phenomenon: Getting Caught Being Stupid

By Jesse Taylor

Things that probably should never enter into your everyday job duties: Dinesh D’Souza books. Complimentary bowls of Circus Peanuts on your desk. Klan robes. Three paramedics at Newark’s University Hospital were fired this week after grainy images taken by a cellphone camera surfaced showing two student interns garbed in white…


The best of the worst – Karen Hughes and Mark Penn combine ‘consulting’ forces

By pams
Friday, July 11, 2008 21:59 EDT

Haven’t I been telling you all primary season long about the Beltway consultant class, always more concerned about self-preservation and their next meal ticket, poisoning politics and democracy? Here’s bold additional confirmation of it. The $3 million-dollar/month former Clinton “chief strategist” Mark Penn, whose arrogance and incompetence destroyed Hillary Clinton’s…


Chilly Willy

By Jesse Taylor

I read the chapter on the Left and eugenics. It was dumb. That this Planned Parenthood clinic meant for a Martin Luther King Boulevard in Portland is never built. If you’ve read Jonah’s Liberal Fascism chapter on eugenics and the Left, this might just give you chills: The building’s designer,…


Lost In The Wilderness

By Jesse Taylor

In the past two days, the National Review has run pieces declaring Barack Obama both Barack W. Bush and Barack McGovern Clinton. Add that to McCain’s propensity to compare Obama to William Jennings Bryan and Jimmy Carter, and I can’t help but think that the GOP has ceased all attempts…



By Jesse Taylor

I’ll admit – my favorite thing that Bill Donohue ever did wasn’t try to get Amanda retroactively annulled from life. It was when he attacked a Catholic priest for saying something he didn’t like. This is because the stated mission of the Catholic League is this: Motivated by the letter…