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I promise, a real post later

By Amanda Marcotte
Friday, July 11, 2008 14:14 EDT

I have much work to do today, because Marc and I are moving right before Netroots Nation, and work is just piling up. But I have a post for later today about how to have maximum amounts of super fucking fun in Austin while you’re here for Netroots Nation (or any time, really). In the meantime, skip to 4:40 on this video of Hannah Montana for the best Easter Egg I’ve seen in awhile.

Hat tip.

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Shorter Michelle Malkin (and LGF, Blackfive, etc.)

By auguste

From Photoshop Disasters * Iran’s military is so inept they have to Photoshop their missile tests, which just proves what a clear and present danger they are to the United States.


No comment yet from Michelle Malkin

By auguste

Would have thought this would be right up her alley. Last week, Silvio Berlusconi’s new rightwing Italian administration announced plans to carry out a national registration of all the country’s estimated 150,000 Gypsies – Roma and Sinti people – whether Italian-born or migrants. Interior minister and leading light of the…


Not even if the ticket was also a winning lottery ticket

By auguste

Last night at Wanted I was mercifully spared the ubiquitous Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker’s Award with the guy chasing his girlfriend through the paintings of an art gallery. For my sins, however, I was treated to not one but two instances of this: Fortunately for my faith in humanity, this was…


Unfortunately, there’s no scale on the offense level of the patterns on your underwear

By Amanda Marcotte

This is apparently the Flint, Michigan police force’s guide on how to tell someone is wearing too-baggy pants. Seriously, they give out tickets for this, or else the illustration is lying to me.…


Cleaning out the toxins that aren’t even there

By Amanda Marcotte

I’d like to thank reader Sara for sending me some links about the ongoing political hell that is the autism controversy. It remains, to this day, something of a mystery as to why this disease, before all others really, brings in the woo-peddlers and causes so much political strife, but…


Oh. My. God.

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, July 10, 2008 21:49 EDT

A reporter asks John McCain whether birth control should get the same insurance coverage as wang stiffener (the scientific name), a legitimate question about health care coverage in America. Here’s his response: You can see why McCain doesn’t favor negotiating with Iran. Just mention Viagra and you can run roughshod…


The Drudge Effect

By Jesse Taylor

Matt Drudge has always reminded me of that inexplicably popular kid in grade school, the one who wasn’t particularly clever or witty or rich or anything, but who could get a tooth knocked out riding a bike and send half the class to the nurse’s office because of the fumes…


On CounterSpin this afternoon

By Amanda Marcotte

I’m supposed to be on CounterSpin to talk about “pregnancy pacts” at 1:20-ish EST today. Listen in, if you’re interested. Update: My bad. It’s airing tonight and tomorrow, because it’s taped. So check your local listings. You can download the podcast at the link.…


Let the hideous beasts out of the closet

By Amanda Marcotte

The post below devolved into the same conversation that often happens when an atheist uses the same public forums aggressively used by believers to spread their beliefs—i.e., speaking up in books and websites. Why do atheists have to go around making the nice religious people uncomfortable? The religious people invoked…