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NJ: GOP web site – ‘Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicole?’

By pams
Wednesday, July 9, 2008 17:49 EDT

Ho-ly sh*t. Thank goodness for the folks at Blue Jersey, who did a screen cap of this bit of good taste in race relations before someone at the Pemberton and Burlington County GOP decided to do a little scrubbing of its web site. Jason Springer of Blue Jersey:

Ah, what a tasteful municipal party message. Do you notice the creative graphic, “Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicole?” Now they can’t say they just put it up there because there is a little note that the last time the page was updated was June 24, meaning this was up on their site for at least two weeks. Well Burlington County Democratic Chairman Rick Perr called them out on their blatant hate and magically, the graphic is gone…

Now I don’t want to hear it’s only about redneck bigots in the South engaging in this garbage. I lived in NYC, and bottom-feeders of this kind can be found all over this country — only the regional accents differ when it comes to low-class, low-rent ignorant bile.

Decidedly Not Fascism

By Jesse Taylor

Dick Cheney, our fourth branch of government (it’s true – it’s in the Constitution right after Taco Bar Tuesday), does something which is in no way deserving of criticism or rebuke as a step towards fascism. Members of Vice President Cheney’s staff censored congressional testimony by a top federal official about health threats posed by global warming, a former Environmental Protection Agency official said yesterday. In a letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), former EPA…


Thoughts That Have Never Been Thought

By Jesse Taylor

I don’t know what’s more impressive: that it took two of David Brooks’ newer, awesomer conservatives to write this Weekly Standard piece about McCain selling his agenda of tax cuts and nothing but as putting money in the pockets of average Americans, or the fact that they managed to stumble…



By Jesse Taylor

Hullabaloo on Maverick McMaverick being held accountable for the fact that his campaign is an M.C. Escher painting: Obama being of by a dollar will equal McCain being off by ten trillion, and the pundits will excoriate both – while always reminding everyone that McCain is a hero who served…


Who could have predicted?

By auguste

That paying $1.6 billion for a business with essentially no revenue stream might lead to difficulties? It’s not like we’ve ever seen anything like that before – especially not involving the internet. Update: Okay, “essentially no” is probably too strong a descriptor. “Tenuous and difficult to expand” is more like…


Just the kind of coverage the GOP doesn’t want for its convention

By pams

Can you get it any better than this? The headline in the Chicago Sun-Times – Airport stall may return to spotlight: Sen. Craig’s hook-up site on view for GOP convention-goers. Thousands of members of the international media will have to walk past it when they land at the Minneapolis-St. Paul…


The big 4-5

By pams

   I turned 45 today. I’m long in the tooth for this blogging stuff, eh? All those young whippersnapper bloggers out there…hey, at least I use a computer and know what “the Google” is, unlike a certain someone running for president. Anyway — aren’t those pictures embarrassing? What was my…


Fine, I’ll write about the Jezebel video

By Amanda Marcotte

Because I’ve been doing D.C. stuff all day and thus have only had time to follow this blow-up. I’ll admit; when I first read the quotes Lizz put up at HuffPo, I was appalled at Moe and Tracie. But then I actually got some decent wi-fi speed and watched the…


Things That Will Win Over Regular White People

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 21:07 EDT

John McCain has two turtles named Cuff and Link. I take it this means that nobody will mind my two rabbits, Port and Folio. UPDATE: Banking on the continued relevance of hippies is never, ever a mistake.…


More Jonah. I’m Sorry

By Jesse Taylor

There’s a reason that people believe the Republican Party explictly embraced a politics of racial resentment designed to engineer a wholesale shift in the white Southern electorate, and it’s not because we hate Southerners. It’s because the GOP did it. And admitted it. And apologized for it. Not that they…