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Like A Thief In The Night

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 1:59 EDT

imageDid you know that Barack Obama is leading a crypto-messianic, quasi-fascist movement?

Moreover, this kind of reaction — an emotion-driven response utterly devoid of coherent ideational content, a response that leads far too many people to be enthusiastically willing to believe virtually anything that Obama might proclaim and to follow him anywhere — is one that Obama and his campaign explicitly seek to elicit.

People had better wake the hell up, and they had better study some history very damned fast. I have sometimes remarked, and I repeat the warning here, that the twentieth century was a nonstop train of horrors — yet in one sense, the most terrible and horrifying aspect of the twentieth century is that we learned absolutely nothing from it.

Among the horrors of the twentieth century were several notable leaders who initiated events that led to slaughter and destruction on an ungraspably monumental scale. These charismatic leaders evoked a response from their followers almost identical to that called forth by Obama. These leaders specialized in “personal stories of political conversion.” Doesn’t anyone see the connection? Doesn’t anyone remember any of this?

There are rising murmurs (and screams) that Obama is the spearhead to a fascist movement, led largely by overexcited college students and newly rejuvenated voters that want to help him embark on his grand crusade of…well, none of the fascism-watchers are quite sure what elements of the fascist program Obama seeks to institute. While he lacks any political element of fascism in his platform, he makes up for it in some people liking him a lot, which is like 60% of fascism anyway.

This, incidentally, is what happens when a movement begins its official rewriting of history, but one of its prime historians is a complete fucking idiot. Arthur Silber, the author of the original post above accusing Obama of incipient fascism, has some ironclad evidence that Obama’s leading a dangerous cult of personality – he asks supporters for “personal tales of political conversion”, making virtually everyone who’s ever switched political parties in any political system ever and told others about the fantastic decision they made a handmaiden to tyranny.

It is odious and stupid, led even moreso by the fact that Obama is at this point, and in a more remarkable and spectacular and public way than I can ever remember, the ultimate embodiment of all the evils of our time. He is a Muslim and an atheist and a fascist and a socialist and a left-winger and a right-winger and too smooth and too rough around the edges and too misogynistic and too much of a feminist and too black and not black enough.

Were I paid to be on TV, I would declare him the best candidate EVER, because he seems to find a way to piss every fringe off.

The modern problem with recognizing evil where it lays isn’t that we overlook the obvious signs. It’s that we have far too many people screaming into the ether that they, too, have glimpsed into the face of evil, and it looks like everything from building codes to that particularly puffy cloud southwest of the radio tower. With Obama, the most telling part of the evil he allegedly constitutes is that it’s so amorphous and ethereal (and black and Democratic and weird-backgrounded, let’s be honest) that it seems it all comes back to one central, bizarrely anti-democratic principle: any Democratic candidate able to draw support outside of the tepid and resigned is probably some insidious sort of evil. It not only obscures what’s truly wrong with our world, but it plays on our worst fears and instincts. The best part, though, is that because Obama is Every Evil Ever, calling this stupidity what it is can simply be blown off as him, once again, hating the values that you hold dear. Black dudes have it so easy these days.

All I know is that you’d better keep an eye on your platter of burgers, because the Oburglar might be coming for them next. After the babies, of course.

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