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Such An Uncle Sam

By Jesse Taylor
Monday, July 7, 2008 21:24 EDT

imageI’m supposed to be shocked by the image in this post, according to David Brody. I’m more impressed that they even changed the skin color on the hand, myself.

Let’s be clear here – anti-choicers are always going to paint every Democrat with even the slightest pro-choice inclinations as someone who will spend our resources on arming every doctor in the nation with forceps and pre-signed consent forms so that they can pounce on pregnancies from the first utterance of the phrase, “There are two lines, what does that mean?” This isn’t shocking or out there, particularly for people who’ve followed the choice battle for any length of time. In fact, as attacks go, particularly from people who like to hold up six foot tall pictures of bloody fetuses, this is pretty damn genteel – and we got our photoshopped Uncle Sam Obama weeks before I thought we would.

More from Brody:

This is Obama’s challenge with Evangelicals. He can talk about the social justice issues all he wants and yes, it resonates to a certain extent but unless he moves on abortion (not likely) he’ll have a problem. If he shows some support for parental notification laws or the annual fetal pain bill that moves through Congress then that will help insulate him to a degree on the extremist abortion tag.

The bigger issue here for the Obama campaign is just how widespread and vocal pro-life groups may end up being on this issue. Obama can’t afford the extreme liberal tag and if these groups continue to pound home the abortion theme, it doesn’t fit the narrative that Obama needs to be successful.

This, of course, presumes that there is no pro-choice constituency worthy of mention, and also betrays the idea that all evangelicals are similarly conservative, anti-choice and willing to vote only on those two planks. He’s pro-choice, and that’s simply where he is – any position he takes is inevitably going to alienate some section of the electorate, and as much as this goodhearted, totally independent advice resonates to the very core of our baby-hating beings, the anti-choice right will portray him as an extremist no matter what. If the worst that they’re going to do is declare Obama the president of some magical black abortion-happy America, I’d love that comparatively elevated level of debate.

Ken Hutcherson: Seattle government official is racist

By pams

Oh please. From the “news” organ of Don Wildmon’s American Family Association, a propaganda piece to shore up the tattered rep of Seattle-area homobigot Ken Hutcherson, who is a card-carrying member of the professional “Christian victim” set. You’ll recall that Hutcherson spoke at Mount Si High School’s MLK, Jr. Day assembly in January. He was booed by one teacher and asked about his anti-gay views by another teacher. Pastor Ken Hutcherson is still pursuing action…


Profiled by the MSM: article on my blogging in the N&O

By pams

My email and voicemail were full of reactions to today’s Raleigh News & Observer’s profile of me by Sadia Latifi, “Blogger gets respect: Durham resident writes on progressive issues.” It’s a good look at my blog, with quite a bit of personal background that people may not know about me…


They Can Sell A Mil Sayin’ Nothing On A Track

By Jesse Taylor

What a constant contingent of reporters trailing a presidential candidate gets you: It’s been one week since the Obama campaign agreed to a “protective pool” or “bodywatch” — allowing reporters to follow the Illinois Democrat, not only in his public moments, but his private moments of down time off the…


Being a patriot and not a nationalist

By Amanda Marcotte

Fun on the internets: Matt suggests that there’s something juvenile and narcissistic about conservative American patriotism, which extends beyond normal, human levels of sentimentality about home, and fierce defensiveness about it. Conservatives really have convinced themselves, he says, that America really is objectively special, and not just special to Americans.…


Mike Adams: Pretty Sure A Black Guy Did It

By Jesse Taylor

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to be educated by a giant douchebag. Would the seeping vinegary smell permeating everything have had a Pavlovian effect on my education, allowing me to keep a small cache of Massengill in my desk drawer, each whiff bringing back a new…


The Patriotism Of The Encyclopedia

By Jesse Taylor

A guy who wrote a whole book about Colonel Bud Day, McCain’s anti-Clark attack dog, says that he wasn’t a member of the Swift Boaters. Said biographer is, of course, lying. The anti-Kerry group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which has spent more than $10 million trying to discredit Kerry’s…


OPEC president is a pastafarian

By auguste
Sunday, July 6, 2008 23:39 EDT

Hard to know how else to explain this claim: Khelil said the weak dollar and geopolitical worries are responsible for 60% of the rise in crude prices, but also said that “the intrusion of bioethanol on the market” was alone responsible for the other 40%. He didn’t explain why more…


Fairies, wishes, and cowboys

By Amanda Marcotte

I’m increasingly convinced all the time that Kathryn Jean Lopez is on the staff of the National Review because she affirms the owners and editors that they’re right to believe that women are mental children. Her ability to mix up politics with reading Teen Beat magazine is legendary, but this…


There Is No Cake

By Jesse Taylor

I bow to you, Jeff Goldstein. You have redefined correctitude in my eyes, other random conservatives. American Thinker, you smell like jasmine and sunshine. However, you are all still idiots. I know that remembering all the way back to five years ago is like super hard and stuff, but let’s…