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He Wrote “Blog”

By Jesse Taylor
Friday, June 27, 2008 2:40 EDT

Hugh Hewitt:

I’m still trying to find two tickets to the Ohio State-USC game. And none of the USC people will give up their tickets to me. I’d pay fair price. They — they know Ohio State’s gonna slaughter the Trojans. They know that they’re gonna slaughter the Trojans, and therefore they do not want me there at the bloodbath, since it’s probably the last football game we’ll ever get to see before the United States gets blown up by the Islamists under Obama.

Ohio State – so awesome that their winning a single game will move the entire nation forward more than four months in time and elect a president.

Buckeyes, baby!

Single no problem no really

By Amanda Marcotte
Thursday, June 26, 2008 22:27 EDT

So last week I was helping with the Seal Press booth at the National Women’s Studies Association conference in Cincinnati, so I took the opportunity to get some books that they put out that I’ve wanted to read but haven’t gotten around to yet. One was a book I’ve been eyeballing for awhile, with equal parts enthusiasm and dread: Single State of the Union: Single Women Speak Out on Life, Love, and the Pursuit of…


Let’s Meet With The King Of Constantinople

By Jesse Taylor

What worries me about John McCain’s inability and unwillingness to use a computer isn’t that it’s elitist – plenty of average, everyday people have no real clue about how to use a computer, particularly those of McCain’s generation. What worries me is that in order for him to be president,…


Abstinence-only ed gets a boost from House Dem Dave Obey

By pams

Why do we need GOP elected fundnuts when we have the likes of Dave Obey (D-WI), who is promoting bogus, dangerous abstinence-only ed programs in schools by upping funding to the garbage?! What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi — why is she enabling Obey, who is House Appropriations Committee. Firedoglake‘s…


I’m Not A Lawyer Yet, But…

By Jesse Taylor

It strikes me that in order to draw “clear constitutional commands” from the sixteen words of the Eighth Amendment, you’re going to have to pull in some outside resources.…


John McCain Is Bad At Jesus

By Jesse Taylor

Francis Wilkinson writes in today’s NYT about the fact that John McCain has shown insufficient regard to the GOP base’s need for more than his name, rank and serial number in God’s Righteous Army: In an essay on The Times Op-Ed page in March, the writer Neal Gabler suggested that…


Now Included With Botox: Gas Cards

By Jesse Taylor

My knowledge of medical ethics doesn’t extend much beyond confidentiality, but it seems that there’s a difference between shilling for the great appendectomy you got and shilling for the great facelift you got. The mechanism of reward for endorsements should always be made known, and perhaps some sort of restriction…


Rove Should Get A Better Candidate

By Jesse Taylor

We fucking get it already. The heartening thing so far about this election is that the closest thing the GOP has come to a consistent line of attack is that Obama’s some sort of amorphous blob of badness who’s frequently used the presidential campaign stump to further his own nefarious…


In My Booths, Defraudin Mah Votes

By Jesse Taylor

The McCain campaign wants to make good and damn sure that you know they won’t stand for voter fraud. On yesterday’s longish post about Republicans scaling back their voter fraud efforts, Trevor Potter, McCain’s lawyer, sends along a statement: “Any impression that we’re not committed to stopping voter fraud is…


Let’s not forget who is discriminating and who is discriminated against

By Amanda Marcotte

One thing that continues to frustrate me about the pharmacy refusal debates is that all the attention is paid to the rights of pharmacists to religious freedom, and none is paid to the rights of their customers that are being violated. I think in part this is because almost all…