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OPEC president is a pastafarian

By auguste
Sunday, July 6, 2008 23:39 EDT

Hard to know how else to explain this claim:

Khelil said the weak dollar and geopolitical worries are responsible for 60% of the rise in crude prices, but also said that “the intrusion of bioethanol on the market” was alone responsible for the other 40%.

He didn’t explain why more ethanol would drive crude prices higher…

In related news, the global warming threat is receding.

Fairies, wishes, and cowboys

By Amanda Marcotte

I’m increasingly convinced all the time that Kathryn Jean Lopez is on the staff of the National Review because she affirms the owners and editors that they’re right to believe that women are mental children. Her ability to mix up politics with reading Teen Beat magazine is legendary, but this time out, she may have set a record in silliness. (Hat tip.) A totally crazy Saturday-morning thought: Wouldn’t George W. Bush make an awesome high-school…


There Is No Cake

By Jesse Taylor

I bow to you, Jeff Goldstein. You have redefined correctitude in my eyes, other random conservatives. American Thinker, you smell like jasmine and sunshine. However, you are all still idiots. I know that remembering all the way back to five years ago is like super hard and stuff, but let’s…


Video break: defending Daddy D

By pams

Take a look at the latest from the entertainment wing of the Dobson empire. In one of its Stoplight presentations, Stuart Shepard defends the Focus on the Anus honcho’s political tactics. As usual, Dobson is portrayed as a harmless man of God who likes to stay out of the limelight…


What I Learned From Michael Barone Today

By Jesse Taylor

Given a hypothetical polling matchup from 1995, what we can conclude about Barack Obama is that he’s really, really lucky he’s black. What I’m particularly happy about is the apparently wellspring of forgiveness the American people have for black incompetence: On balance I think Obama’s race has been a political…


Fascism Is On The Move

By Jesse Taylor

Not fascism: the media obscuring the grave flaws in the ruling regime’s case for war because it seemed like something all good citizens should trust their leader with. Fascism: good coverage of a candidate who thinks that was a bad idea.…


John Mccain Raw

By Jesse Taylor

Whenever people complain about a candidate being “overmanaged”, it’s usually code for the candidate simply being badly managed, a whole lot more than normal. What’s so weird about John McCain as a candidate is that he sucks, and you can get his closest confidants to declare his utter suckage, but…


A double dip: Milwaukee deacon, Maryland mayor caught cruising

By pams

The summer heats up as pols and pastors get caught with their figurative pants down. Milwaukee: Deacon exposes himself to undercover cop while cruising for homosex Here we go again — another moral leader of his religious community lands in the pokey for a lewd act. Jerome Pitchford, 48, a…


God Bless Acirema

By Jesse Taylor

I appreciate the motivation (and skill on the part of the artist), but if you’re going to get an American flag tattooed on your face, you probably want to get it tattooed the correct way.…


More deep thoughts

By Amanda Marcotte

I can’t help it. I’m addicted to reading the Abstinence Clearinghouse blog. It’s like reading a label of Dr. Bronner’s soap, but even weirder and more perplexing. What I can’t figure out is how the bloggers have survived this long with their high levels of intelligence, when there is so…