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Rove Should Get A Better Candidate

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, June 26, 2008 15:54 EDT

We fucking get it already. The heartening thing so far about this election is that the closest thing the GOP has come to a consistent line of attack is that Obama’s some sort of amorphous blob of badness who’s frequently used the presidential campaign stump to further his own nefarious ambitions of being president.

There is one part I want to highlight to show just how badly Rove is flailing in his efforts to tar Obama:

My former White House colleague Yuval Levin pointed out that Mr. Obama, in his first national TV ad rolled out Friday, claims credit for having “extended health care for wounded troops,” citing the 2008 defense authorization. That bill passed 91-3 – but Mr. Obama was one of only six senators who didn’t show up to vote. This brazen claim underscores the candidate’s thin résumé and, again, his chutzpah.

There was another senator who didn’t show up, either. Obama, not showing up for a largely procedural vote, was also rather active in the amendment process for the bill, as opposed to McCain. McCain can be excused though, as he was too busy floundering around waiting for Rudy Giuliani to implode for most of 2007 to show up to vote more than 38.6% of the time.

Ah, well. At least, unlike Obama, McCain doesn’t slather on the rhetoric like some trollop.

In My Booths, Defraudin Mah Votes

By Jesse Taylor

The McCain campaign wants to make good and damn sure that you know they won’t stand for voter fraud. On yesterday’s longish post about Republicans scaling back their voter fraud efforts, Trevor Potter, McCain’s lawyer, sends along a statement: “Any impression that we’re not committed to stopping voter fraud is 100 percent false. Make no mistake: both the McCain campaign and the RNC will ensure that all eligible voters have the opportunity to vote and…


Let’s not forget who is discriminating and who is discriminated against

By Amanda Marcotte

One thing that continues to frustrate me about the pharmacy refusal debates is that all the attention is paid to the rights of pharmacists to religious freedom, and none is paid to the rights of their customers that are being violated. I think in part this is because almost all…


McCain meets (in private) with Log Cabin Republicans

By pams

UPDATE: The Freeper reaction to the hush-hush meeting is below the fold. In a get-together not on McSame’s public schedule, he met with members of the Log Cabin Republicans. Gee, why wasn’t this a big public event — you know, to help educate the rest of the LGBT community about…


Shorter Michelle Malkin

By Jesse Taylor

Today, liberals kept a man who raped his stepdaughter from dying in prison by confining him to death in prison.…


And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Cristal

By Jesse Taylor
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 23:46 EDT

As we enter the fourth week of the Glorious Revolution, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs is getting a little bit overzealous. “If we all register and vote, we will have the first black president in the history of America,” Sean “Diddy” Combs told the crowd Tuesday at the Shrine Auditorium before chanting…


Revenue Is For Loser States

By Jesse Taylor

The state of Ohio is tight on cash, and one of the big fights that’s consuming the statehouse is how to continue paying for things. State Rep. John Sidney (R-Sidney) has the simplest solution, which is to apparently stop. For 36 years, Ohioans have been sending a portion of their…


Ohio: ‘Christian’ woman’s ‘Obama is a baby killing Arab’ smear

By pams

These fringe folks are throwing anything they can against the wall. Tim Russo of Blogger Interrupted has the story of an Ohio woman named Joy Atwood who managed to get on the Cleveland CBS affiliate and spew complete batsh*ttery — Barack Obama is an Arab, and wants to kill babies.…


I Look Forward To You Ripping Me Off Several More Times

By Jesse Taylor

On the way home from the store this morning, I heard a radio ad for RadioGasDeal.com. The gist of it is that it “guarantees” $2.49 gas for any eligible household by giving you $15 gas cards for completing certain offers, the offers mainly being signing up for various subscription services…



By Jesse Taylor

Noted black man Ralph Nader accuses Obama of “talking white”. Much of this is, of course, attributable to John Edwards, but I remember Obama – and Clinton – spending a lot more time talking about poverty and urban issues than any other campaign in recent memory. He even has specifically…