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I’m Taking My Ball And Going Home

By Jesse Taylor
Monday, June 23, 2008 18:49 EDT

And home, by the way, is three blocks over. We have a pool. And a barbeque. We have a barbeque on the pool. And a pool table. Also on the pool. And like eight TVs. Eight-eighteen TVs.

I’m going now. And don’t you dare come to my house at 825 South Spruce. The front door won’t be unlocked and we won’t have soda. Especially not four different kinds. My house is so awesome.

You were on the phone this entire time? I hate you, and you’re not my friend! Ass!

The Bomb Shit Doctrine

By Jesse Taylor

It seems as if the basic neocon doctrine towards Iran is that it’s foolish to try anything more complex than bombing them, lest we get bombed first. Of course, if we bomb them, then they won’t bomb us back, because they’ll be double scared of bombing. But if we don’t bomb them, they’re going to bomb us, which will of course result in them being bombed, but somehow it’s a qualitatively different sort of bombing…


Manhug McMaverick Rides Again

By Jesse Taylor

Not one, but two articles in which Obama is targeted, and McCain is given a pass despite his gross inconsistency on the exact matter at hand. First, Obama…


NYT Mag interviews Charlie Crist: he hasn’t found ‘the right one’ for him

By pams

Ever since Florida Governor Charlie Crist helped ace Florida for John McCain, the rumors have been swirling that the tanned, dapper very single Crist is on the short list for VP. Unfortunately for Crist, there were already more rampant rumors already out there about his allegedly selectively padlocked closet door.…


Sanka-Sipping Liberal Elitists

By Jesse Taylor

The fact that everything is more expensive is forcing people to forgo their lattes. How will we identify our sneering elite? (Well, besides the sneers.) Whenever there’s a sharp rise in living costs like this, you can bet there will be a flood of rich little poor kids harangues to…


I Will Give Credence To Anything, Because I’m A Real ‘Murkin

By Jesse Taylor

Maybe I missed something spending three years toiling away in the salt mines of Ohio (I was miner of the month in September 2007!), but was there a point at which dictators and terrorists became credible communicators of their own intent and rationale? It’s understandable why right-wingers run to bullshit…


“Opt-Out” still a fantasy peddled in the male-owned press

By Amanda Marcotte

Mythago sent me an article from the WSJ that has almost the proper mournful tone in presenting the facts that the well-groomed, professional middle class of women are not actually giving it all up to be trophy wives in the numbers suggested by hopeful trend writers in the past few…


What Obama should have said

By auguste

“I salute the efforts that House Democrats have made in reaching across the aisle to restore our Constitution, but I have repeatedly said that I would support a filibuster on any FISA bill which included retroactive immunity, and I will. I will work with Senate colleagues to ensure that the…


Is it possible Obama’s FISA “reversal isn’t that bad?

By auguste

This is not a “defend Obama at any cost” post: Let it be known that, from my point of view, the baseline answer to the titular question is “no, it’s not.” Obama promised as recently as February to support a filibuster on any bill including retroactive immunity. Several bloggers, including…


Why Liberal Media Bias Is Fake

By Jesse Taylor

Because no matter what happens, the media always picks up on two narratives: can people trust the Democrat, and how does the Democrat stop people from trusting the Republican? With Gore, it was the NASCAR Dads and the beer test, with Kerry it was security moms and the national security…