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This Is Why We Need Buses

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, July 3, 2008 2:21 EDT

I hereby declare the death of the “a taxicab driver told me” meme. When white supremacists start talking to Uncle Ruckus on their way to the movies, it has officially eschewed all meaning and rounded the bend to some guy in the corner talking about how the nice driver man told him purple monkey dishwasher.

Smart cars disappoint

By Amanda Marcotte
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 23:48 EDT

I got all excited when I saw Farhad Manjoo had a review up of something called the Smart ForTwo, which is a backseat-less small car that can fit into even the scariest small parallel parking spots. “Ah-a!,” I thought, “People are beginning to wise up to a frustration that drove me out of driving and into bicycling, which is the clusterfuck nature of traffic and parking makes driving just plain miserable.” Plus, I have a…


I Don’t Need Saving

By Jesse Taylor

You know, I was hopeful. LaShawn Barber wrote a piece declaring (I thought) that fathers abandoning their children is a form of abuse. As the child of a single mother with a father who ran out, there was a constant, lingering doubt about my own self-worth that always played around…


Bush’s checks are ‘stimulating’ the porn economy

By pams

Sometimes the jokes just tell themselves — who knew that those checks were destined to become a dose of economic Viagra. According to the Adult Internet Market Research Company, business has been “enhanced” significantly. An unforeseen and surprising beneficiary of the Economic Stimulus Plan, a plan that George Bush contends…


Bamboo Review, II: WALL-E again

By Amanda Marcotte

Spoilage, people, spoilage. So I saw WALL-E last night, and wanted to throw in two cents on top of Auguste’s humorous post on it. I agree that the second half, especially with its lack of subtlety, had nothing on the first half. The action sequences were imaginative in the way…


Save the stupid, cruel males

By Amanda Marcotte

Oh my lord, Tracy Clark-Flory linked a new low in Kathleen Parker male-hate. “But Amanda,” you might say, “How can you say Kathleen Parker hates men when she wrote a book called ‘Save the Males’?” I say that because Parker can only bring herself to defend rapists, gropers, and men…


Touch Me In A Fistular Way

By Jesse Taylor

CNN: Obama doesn’t give a kid a fist bump. He’s also heard to mutter part of a sentence. This is news. Obama must answer for his lack of commitment to bringing every single American to his fist. I also want John Edwards to answer for that time he was campaigning…


It’s Not A Black Card, It’s African American Express

By Jesse Taylor

The Obamas took out a massive home loan and got a slightly lower-than-market-average rate (not for the size of the loan, but for all loans) at the height of the housing bubble. Oddly enough, banks prefer giving slightly lower rates on larger loans, because they can safely knock a couple…


Like, Yeah

By Jesse Taylor

Oh, Jonah. You’re the dumbest. What always so great about Jonah Goldberg is that he’s got the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder despite having no actual worthwhile accomplishments to his name that he should feel forced to defend. Being the Paris Hilton of the conservative movement will do that…


Spotlight: Canadian hero

By Amanda Marcotte

This is neat—Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a Canadian abortion rights activist, is getting the Order of Canada. Naturally, anti-choicers are wailing. The shamelessness of people will never cease to amaze me. The man is a hero to humanity who has helped save lives both in the physical sense (the lives of…