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It’s Not A Black Card, It’s African American Express

By Jesse Taylor
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 13:28 EDT

imageThe Obamas took out a massive home loan and got a slightly lower-than-market-average rate (not for the size of the loan, but for all loans) at the height of the housing bubble. Oddly enough, banks prefer giving slightly lower rates on larger loans, because they can safely knock a couple of tenths off the rate and still guarantee tons of profit for the bank. I’m not sure why the Washington Post never looked at their own credit cards or auto loans or mortgages, but there’s a reason my bank offers me a higher rate on my car loan than they do Investment DuMoneybags who’s buying the second Mini Cooper for the weekends.

Meanwhile, the McCains could have just put the entire cost of the Obamas’ house on their AmEx, which does put things into perspective.

Like, Yeah

By Jesse Taylor

Oh, Jonah. You’re the dumbest. What always so great about Jonah Goldberg is that he’s got the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder despite having no actual worthwhile accomplishments to his name that he should feel forced to defend. Being the Paris Hilton of the conservative movement will do that for you.


Spotlight: Canadian hero

By Amanda Marcotte

This is neat—Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a Canadian abortion rights activist, is getting the Order of Canada. Naturally, anti-choicers are wailing. The shamelessness of people will never cease to amaze me. The man is a hero to humanity who has helped save lives both in the physical sense (the lives of…


E. coli outsmarts Conservapedia editors

By Amanda Marcotte

Thanks to Mighty Ponygirl for the tip-off on what might be the funniest email exchange I’ve read in awhile. The story is simple. A scientist named Richard Lenski publishes a paper about E. coli evolution that’s been demonstrated in a laboratory. If you haven’t heard the story, it’s pretty simple—by…


Who’ll Think Of The Clemenseses?

By Jesse Taylor

The prospect of middle-class multimillionaire athletes having a slightly higher tax burden does not, in fact, make my grasp at my wallet in fear. I will, however, cross over to the other side of the street when I see Obama coming, but only because I really did want to go…


Faith Basis

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 23:59 EDT

It always struck me that the problem with Bush’s approach to faith-based initiatives was that he viewed their purpose as paying churches to proselytize, rather than viewing them as partners in government-led action. Obama’s plan actually follows the more moderate path that Ohio’s FBCI took after years of Taft’s office…


Concern Trolling For Jesus

By Jesse Taylor

You know one the main reasons that I and many others had no idea for years that evangelical and fundamentalist meant different things? Open dishonesty about the terms coming from politically powerful conservatives like CBN “journalist” David Brody. Barack Obama may be talking up his Christian faith like he’s doing…


What part of rape isn’t rape?

By Amanda Marcotte

From a Press Association headline: Yeah. Raped-not-raped-11-year-old victim. What the fuck? Is it me, or are these sort of misogynist outrages becoming more routine? (Hat tip.)…


We tied the knot four years ago today

By pams

July 1, 2004 Eleven o’clock in the morning at the Apricot Cat and Black Dog Bed & Breakfast in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Who knew that we would see the day when our marriage would be recognized in the United States? Our marriage is recognized in a few states (and…


Congratulations Are In Order

By Jesse Taylor

Quick mid-day note: the PandaMom is now PandaMom, M.B.A. Congratulations, Mom!…