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Fundie pastors thumb nose at tax-exemption laws to endorse from the pulpit

By pams
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 12:36 EDT

Here we go. These bible-beaters are planning to test the boundaries of their tax-exempt status. They feel they are entitled to make political endorsements directly to the sheeple in the pews — this is understandable because these “Christian” leaders are seeing power slipping from their grasp and they believe the government will let flagrant endorsements slide.

The Alliance Defense Fund — a legal outfit launched by James Dobson and other prominent conservatives in the mid-1990s — has recruited 50 pastors to deliver sermons in September that will include direct endorsements of political candidates. Although churches and other religious groups, like all not-for-profits, are required by law to eschew partisanship in exchange for their tax-exempt status, ADF’S Pulpit Initiative advances a premise yet to be fully tested in the courts: that religious leaders speaking from the pulpit should benefit from special speech protections.

“The only thing that should be dictating to pastors what they can and cannot say is the Bible, not the Internal Revenue Service,” said Gus Booth, a Minnesota pastor who has endorsed Republican Senator John McCain from his pulpit. The idea that church and politics don’t mix, he told the Forward, “hasn’t actually always been that way.”

…The new ADF initiative comes in response to the IRS’s increased focus on ferreting out not-for-profit violators. It is an attempt, both backers and opponents say, of using the courts to make a game-changing end-run around the agency, which issued a set of detailed guidelines in 2004, including one that precludes all clergy from endorsing from the pulpit.

…If a case involving an intransigent pastor does find its way to federal court, ADF will likely pursue a number of legal arguments. Erik Stanley, ADF’s senior legal counsel, said it would argue that the tax-exempt status of religious groups “is a right, not just a privilege” and that religious leaders enjoy a number of special protections under the First Amendment.

Jeebus – since when is tax-exemption a right? These people are insane.

Look at what we’re already seeing occur in South Carolina with those “I Believe” license plates. Church-state separation is clearly going to be tested by the moralists who want to be in your bedroom and into your wombs with government subsidization, otherwise they will claim discrimination.

The Endangered Puma

By Jesse Taylor

Rebecca Traitster lists twelve reasons why Clinton supporters are still angry. Some are valid, some are head-scratchers, some show a disturbing adherence to a cult of personality that seems far outsize to anything Clinton’s done or would likely do. But one thing heartens me is that no matter how angry Clinton supporters get, McCain will aggressively pursue ways to unnecessarily alienate them. From Heather Wilson, an anti-choice, pro-war, anti-universal healthcare Republican representative from New Mexico:…


I don’t just hate ladies, but men who I think act like ladies

By Amanda Marcotte
Monday, June 23, 2008 22:47 EDT

I just brought myself to read the public editor Clark Hoyt’s article about sexism and the Clinton campaign in the NY Times. I was pleasantly relieved to see that he singles out Maureen Dowd, fairly, as the most egregious offender. Even better, he just lets her nonsensical defenses of her…


Obama Will Invade Your Clubs And Ignore Your Women

By Jesse Taylor

Karl Rove, on Barack Obama: Even if you never met him, you know this guy. He’s the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by. So, let me get…


Nope, really is misogyny

By Amanda Marcotte

Apparently, “moral” refusal laws extend to EMT workers, who are allowed to refuse to give women who are in emergency situations rides to the hospital if they have reason to believe that the doctor will do an emergency termination to save a woman’s life. I continue to be annoyed at…


I’m Taking My Ball And Going Home

By Jesse Taylor

And home, by the way, is three blocks over. We have a pool. And a barbeque. We have a barbeque on the pool. And a pool table. Also on the pool. And like eight TVs. Eight-eighteen TVs. I’m going now. And don’t you dare come to my house at 825…


The Bomb Shit Doctrine

By Jesse Taylor

It seems as if the basic neocon doctrine towards Iran is that it’s foolish to try anything more complex than bombing them, lest we get bombed first. Of course, if we bomb them, then they won’t bomb us back, because they’ll be double scared of bombing. But if we don’t…


Manhug McMaverick Rides Again

By Jesse Taylor

Not one, but two articles in which Obama is targeted, and McCain is given a pass despite his gross inconsistency on the exact matter at hand. First, Obama…


NYT Mag interviews Charlie Crist: he hasn’t found ‘the right one’ for him

By pams

Ever since Florida Governor Charlie Crist helped ace Florida for John McCain, the rumors have been swirling that the tanned, dapper very single Crist is on the short list for VP. Unfortunately for Crist, there were already more rampant rumors already out there about his allegedly selectively padlocked closet door.…


Sanka-Sipping Liberal Elitists

By Jesse Taylor

The fact that everything is more expensive is forcing people to forgo their lattes. How will we identify our sneering elite? (Well, besides the sneers.) Whenever there’s a sharp rise in living costs like this, you can bet there will be a flood of rich little poor kids harangues to…