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Reaganing The Fuck Out Of This Shit

By Jesse Taylor
Friday, June 27, 2008 23:30 EDT

Kevin Drum wonders where McCain’s annoying habit of using “my friends” like a teenager uses the work “like” comes from.

He initially picked it up during the primary when he was doing the whole “I’m Reagan 2.0″ thing:

One of Reagan’s verbal flourishes was to interject the phrase “my friends” into his speeches, presumably to inject a sense of commonality and companionship into whatever he was saying. McCain having the keen political instincts of a Henry Clay and the insatiable drive of a DeWitt Clinton, stole the interjection and proceeded to use it as much as humanly possible, kind of like how Scientologists have you constantly relive a traumatic experience in order to move past it, except without the certificates of achievement or foot baths from Skeet Ulrich.


This violent phallus in your hands will not destroy the patriarchy

By Amanda Marcotte

Let me preface this by saying that on the issue of gun control, I’m often and unusually agnostic. I think pro-gun control people make a lot of intellectually dishonest arguments, such as when they deny that an armed citizenry would be a good thing to have against a tyrannical government, especially when they point to government tanks and missiles. That fails to take into account how police states generally work, on a more person-to-person level…


The Real Question Here

By Jesse Taylor

Sure, Avril Lavigne may be about to take over the most watched YouTube video spot of all time, but the real question is how this became number one. It’s like the video that your sheltered cousins watch to prove they actually do watch shit on the internet. Consider this your…



By Jesse Taylor

No More Mister Nice Blog points out that the new generation of fiercely independent rebel conservatives are actually just like the last few generations of fiercely independent rebel conservatives. The funny part about the conservative movement is that it constantly requires a reinvigoration of their central myths – and the…


Vitter and Craig co-sponsor Federal Marriage Amendment

By pams

The “I’m not sh*tting you” news of the day. Here are two guys who should have hung their hypocritical heads in shame after embarrassing their party, but they just can’t help themselves – they hate TEH GAYZ that much. (PageOneQ): Two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual activity have…


Bobby ‘Exorcist’ Jindal ready to sign off on stealth creationism bill

By pams

McCain’s VP short-lister continues the march to turn back the hands of time –and enhance his fundnut cred — by supporting a Louisiana bill that will advance intelligent design. (Talk2Action): The stealth-creationist SB 733, the “Louisiana Science Education Act,” which in its pre-amended version as SB 561 was entitled the…


A bit of common sense

By Amanda Marcotte

Good news, if you can call anything “good” after all this girl has been through: An 11-year-old Romanian girl who was previously denied an abortion after her uncle raped her will now be allowed to abort, at 21 weeks. (Would have been earlier if the authorities hadn’t dithered out of…


Five years after Lawrence v. Texas: keep your eye on the U.S. Supreme Court

By pams

While many of us out there have been bickering, arguing, debating and shedding tears about which Democratic candidate should or shouldn’t be the presidential nominee, remember that without Lawrence v. Texas, a U.S. Supreme Court decision that came down five years ago today, that the rights we have won because…


Friday Random Ten “Screw Anything But Slippers” Edition

By Amanda Marcotte

Ten songs at random from your MP3 collection. Leave ‘em in comments. Here’s mine: 1) “Perfect Day”—Lou Reed 2) “Loud Pipes”—Ratatat 3) “Don’t Look That Way At It”—White Denim 4) “Fascination Street”—The Cure 5) “Have Clav Will Travel”—Money Mark 6) “Me-I”—TV On The Radio 7) “So Broken”—Bjork (NIN cover) 8)…


Gay Army sergeant who discussed serving openly in 60 Minutes piece is discharged under DADT

By pams

Darren Manzella, the Army Sergeant who appeared on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl to tell his story of coming out of the closet to his colleagues and commanding officer, and who served openly in Kuwait without incident, has now been discharged under the absurd Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The…