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Cheaper. Dumber. Worser. Dumber.

By Jesse Taylor
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 16:29 EDT

James Pethoukis of USNWR has a series of suggestions for McCain on how he can pull some political jiujitsu and turn energy against Obama. (Why has nobody ever thought of something like this before?)

The problem is, all of the solutions boil down to: fuck everything you said before, and paint alternative energy and environmentalism as akin to economic terrorism.

4) Accuse Obama of wanting to launch a pre-emptive war on the American economy. McCain could attack Obama’s plan on two main fronts: its overreliance on alternative energy vs. fossil fuels and nukes, and Obama’s seeming willingness to go ahead with capping carbon emissions even if India and China—America’s two main economic rivals of the future—take a pass. I can almost hear McCain now: “Senator Obama’s policies would be tantamount to unilateral disarmament in our economic competition with our global competitors. It is another example of his naiveté.”

McCain sorta kinda wants to cap carbon emissions, too.

The rest of his suggestions follow the same disturbing line – if it can’t be done cheaply, quickly, and with little to no economic adjustment, then not only is it not worth doing, it’s long-term destructive to our way of life. If the ethos of Republican energy policy is going to be that everything we’ve done has worked well so far, then so be it. But at some point, if India or China comes up with the Next Big Energy Thing, and we’re stuck humming along in ANWR betting that new oil supplies will drive down oil speculation costs while one of our Big Foreign Friends is paying 20 cents on the dollar for the same amount of energy we use, we’re going to be boned in a way that defies all previous concepts of bonage.

The Audacity Of Vitriol

By Jesse Taylor

Floyd Brown, the originator of the Willie Horton and “Is Barack Obama Lying About Being A Muslim?” ads, is receiving threats and intimidation from Obama supporters. Being the fair minded arbiters of civil order that we are, I’ve decided to highlight some of the worst to show just how awful Obamism. “Listen you racist piece of s—[.]“ Brown is not being racist in the case of Obama. He has an irrational prejudice towards Muslims now,…


Humor: Not funny

By Amanda Marcotte

Picture an example of the deadly serious nature of dead white guys. Michael Gerson decides to explain this humor thing to conservatives, which is similar to watching a dachsund try to explain quantum mechanics. Or a Southern Baptist minister explain why he knows more about biology than one of those…


Don’t Punch The Unicorn

By Jesse Taylor

I think my favorite part of this segment is when the host says, “This is John McCain we’re talking about!” John McCain is a magical war shaman, as all Republicans are, and the idea of someone saying he hasn’t actually led a large organization or developed war policy is like,…


Same sex marriage does threaten traditional marriage

By Amanda Marcotte

And that’s a good thing. I explain why at RH Reality Check.…



By auguste

You’re doing it wrong. Even a championship doesn’t erase all shame Congratulations Celtics.…


Bad Chicago news for The Peter

By pams

The Peter is probably having a cow right now since this is in his backyard. An openly gay Chicago alderman is proposing changes to the city’s domestic partner benefits plan to ensure that the partners of city workers remain insured if they marry in California. The existing plan contains a…


Guarantee Your Child’s Future Failure Today!

By Jesse Taylor

(This post is largely an excuse to put up a blurry picture of my dog, Mort.) Thomas Sowell, who always seems like one of those people who buys shit off of infomercials just so that he can scoff at your need for an actual mop or glue that requires as…


NSFW by any means

By Amanda Marcotte
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 23:26 EDT

But funny. Via.…


Time to ban straight marriage

By Amanda Marcotte

Straight people shouldn’t be allowed to marry. That’s what I came to realize that Maggie Gallagher must believe after reading this article of hers, where she suggests that gay marriage isn’t really marriage because—get this—some gay couples are non-monogamous. Less than a decade later, Eric Erbelding from the perch of…