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No…You Don’t Say?

By Jesse Taylor
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 15:03 EDT

imageYou mean that the tons of partisan strategists with no campaign job in a bellwether election year are just hacks with little, if any, real strategist experience?

I am shocked and appalled.

I did appreciate this line, though:

Of course, the very benefit of bringing a strategist on the air is to break through the echo chamber of talking points.

This must be one of the longest-term benefit plans I’ve ever seen. A little more:

“Many of these sort of more junior folks who have sort of made it into the ranks of analyst/commentator/strategist,” says one high-ranking cable news executive, “are only too happy to talk about things they don’t know about. Part of the problem is that because, again, they’re very glib, they’re good on TV. And if you ask someone the question and they give you a good-sounding answer, you might not know by asking them that it’s not their area of expertise.”

Yes, because when learned elders of the press corps appear on the Chris Matthews show and spend half the show regurgitating whatever bizarre analogy from his youth he pulled out of his ass, I’m confident that these people are truly prepared and capable of discussing the issues of the day.

The Childcare Boogeyman

By Jesse Taylor

Gather ’round real close-like, everyone. I’ve got a spooky story to tell you about the Government and the Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Mommies. One of the most dramatic changes in American life in the years since World War II involves the way we raise our children. We used to do it ourselves. Now, convinced we have better things to do, many of us leave the job to others. “Better things” including earning the money…


Obama’s team asked to retire $10M of Clinton’s $22M debt

By pams

That’s a lot of scratch to raise. Hillary’s video request to supporters is here. Barack Obama asked his finance committee this afternoon to help Senator Hillary Clinton retire her debt. On a conference call that lasted about 45 minutes Obama made a personal plea to his top donors, telling them…


George Carlin he’s not

By auguste

If there’s a lesson here for Don Imus, and I for one am doubtful he’s capable of learning anything – ever – it’s that you should do your best to maintain the benefit of the doubt for yourself, so that you have it when you need it: During an on-air…


Dear God No

By Jesse Taylor

I just told some kids to stop playing outside of my window. I’m going to go watch Ninja Warrior now and pretend that I’m not an adult.…


Choo Choo Rocket

By Jesse Taylor

Passenger rail won’t ever replace the airline industry. That’s because the point is to supplant long distance car travel. Where passenger rail really looks great is in the Rust Belt, where you have several large urban areas between two and five hours apart from each other from Illinois to Pennsylvania.…


Bad Planning

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 23:23 EDT

It seems that if you were going to decide the worst imaginable platform for a candidate to run on, it would have to involve healthcare he couldn’t use and jobs he couldn’t do.…


Nice Guys® still not vindicated

By Amanda Marcotte

As you read this, I’m in transit to Hollywood to film an interview for a documentary about the chastity movement. To no one’s big surprise, I’m against it, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is blogging may be spotty until Thursday morning, when I’ve safely returned from Gomorrah-on-the-Pacific.…


Take The Alf Pen! The Alf Pen!

By Jesse Taylor

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of McCain’s $300 million electric engine prize is that if we’re willing to sock that much money away for it already, why not just spend the $300 million as startup costs for actually doing it rather than hold it in reserve…



By Jesse Taylor

Amy Sullivan writes one of her two articles again. This is the abortion one.…