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I Sell Pro-Silence iPods, Too

By Jesse Taylor
Monday, June 16, 2008 16:06 EDT

image“Pro-life” drugstores are on the rise, marking the advent of stores that appear to be constructed in response to virtually no consumer demand whatsover.

The pharmacy is one of a small but growing number of drugstores around the country that have become the latest front in a conflict pitting patients’ rights against those of health-care workers who assert a “right of conscience” to refuse to provide care or products that they find objectionable.

“The United States was founded on the idea that people act on their conscience — that they have a sense of right and wrong and do what they think is right and moral,” said Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel at the Thomas More Society, a Chicago public-interest law firm that is defending a pharmacist who was fined and reprimanded for refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control pills. “Every pharmacist has the right to do the same thing,” Brejcha said.

One could say that, perhaps, it would be a greater moral consideration for a pharmacist to help deliver proper, legal medical care to the people they were sworn to help, but then I remember that Jesus hates sex, and I send that flying out the window.

Incidentally, the national database of pro-life pharmacists has ballooned all the way to seven. Some of them are so proud of this affiliation that they make no mention whatsoever of it, others make it clear that you’re coming to church to get Zithromax.

What I fail to understand about this is that of almost any profession, healthcare is the one that most requires its practitioners to knowingly and willingly put aside their personal feelings to help those in need. A doctor may have to pull a bullet out of a gangbanger, a pharmacist may have to fill a prescription for an adulterer’s STDs, an EMT may have to perform CPR on a homosexual man or woman. To tell women (and yes, everything they deny is primarily aimed at women) that their medical needs – none of which presume as much direct involvement as the examples above – are to be discarded against the inviolate squickiness of some asshole who’s decided that condoms are ribbed tools of that original warming gel of the libido, Satan.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Walgreens stands accused of pill-flipping, changing common generics with a low price cap to rarely prescribed versions with a much higher price cap.

I’m just going to go down to the lake for leeches from now on.

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Time Interviews Tsvangirai

By Jesse Taylor
Sunday, June 15, 2008 23:58 EDT

Time Magazine interviewed Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday: What do you say to those who are calling for this runoff to be scrapped, claiming that there’s no way the election can be free and fair, and urging you to form a joint government with Mugabe? This is democracy…


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