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Bam Bam goes bye bye from Concerned Women for America

By pams
Sunday, June 15, 2008 23:33 EDT

Matt “Bam Bam” Barber, one of the “like-minded men with Concerned Women for America,” has decided to leave one of the curiously estrogen-free posts at the organization, policy director for cultural issues (homo-obsessive Bob Knight was the director of its Culture and Family Institute). The Advocate:

Barber is moving on to work with two strongly pro-family organizations in Virginia, the Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Counsel.

CWA founder and chairman Beverly LaHaye said, “Matt Barber has been a tremendous asset to CWA and leaves an indelible imprint on the organization; his intellect and passion about cultural and family issues are second to none. We will miss his very relevant and timely articles, as well as his influence on the broader conservative movement.

Mrs. LaHaye will certainly have a large pool of wingnuts to solicit resumes from. I wonder if Matt’s buddy The Peter will toss his name in for consideration.

More below the fold. To give you an example of the kind of bottom-feeding, nasty behavior of Barber engaged in (and for those of you new to the blog) — he and LaBarbera did their best back in 2007 to blame me for a commenter’s alleged threats (that I removed from the site once alerted). Law enforcement later said there was no basis for action, but the real goal was to silence me by harassing me out of my day job by engaging in a ridiculous online campaign to “alert” my employer about my “anti-Christian” writing — as if my job has anything to do with my personal blog. Just ludicrous. Of course the people at my workplace laughed at these clowns and the university issued a statement about free speech to those who emailed in support of my blogging. You can read all about it below the fold of this Blend post.

So these characters aren’t just harmless buffoons to mock (though it’s entertaining to do so); they are wingnut welfare “agents of intolerance,” to quote the Tool McCain. What if I worked in the public sector or for a homophobic for-profit employer? Sitting here in NC I could be fired simply for being gay and publicly so — and these hatemongers know that. They just didn’t get lucky that time around.


The wickedly witty Jeremy of Good As You found the job description of the position CWA needs to fill.

Policy Director for Cultural Issues

COMPANY: Concerned Women For America

INDUSTRY: Forcing a nation to fight a needless, never-ending, propagandistic battle known as the “culture war”

SALARY: Commiserate with experience in disliking gays, employing hyperbolic code-wording, and masking bias behind a veil of “family values”

BENEFITS: 401K; Dental; Health; never have to admit you are wrong; never have to buy a gay couple a wedding gift; lots of free time because you are required to find most
available entertainment options possessive of a corruptive agenda, and therefore off-limits

JOB DURATION: Full time. Ideal candidate will start immediately, working until the Rapture

JOB LOCATION: On a moral pedestal, the heights of which homosexuals cannot reach unless they change
into ex-gays

REQUIREMENTS: The Policy Director for Cultural Issues is essentially an infallible authority on all things gay, working from the foregone conclusion that gays are evil. Essentially, you will be in charge of taking anything that gays say, do, create, pass, or think of, and tell the public why, exactly, the idea is disgusting, Satanic, sinful, dangerous, hostile, dirty, smelly, yucky, icky, and most of all — anti-Christian. Now, it doesn’t matter if it truly IS any of those things. Your job is to stop our followers from thinking for themselves and forming their own opinions about the non-monolithic, diverse LGBT community, and to instead just tell them what to think.

We are looking for a leader who is creative at re-using the same code words over and over again while still managing to keep them interesting. History dictates that even though we are a women’s organization, this position will be filled by a man.

-Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines
-Demonstrated ability to make homosexuality look like a “dead
-Strong writing skills
-Strong anti-lefting skills
-Some sort of credibility-lending degree a plus
-Some sort of Jesus-believing religion a must
-Lack of concern for the inevitable fact that your job will be looked back upon in fifty years with the same disdain that socety currently employs when remembering past bouts of bias

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: See all you need to know at http://www.goodasyou.org/good_as_you/cwfa

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