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Is it possible Obama’s FISA “reversal isn’t that bad?

By auguste
Monday, June 23, 2008 1:37 EDT

This is not a “defend Obama at any cost” post: Let it be known that, from my point of view, the baseline answer to the titular question is “no, it’s not.” Obama promised as recently as February to support a filibuster on any bill including retroactive immunity. Several bloggers, including Glenn Greenwald, have comprehensively explored the ways in which this is both disappointing, and not very surprising (in that what-did-you-think-Obama-was-anything-but-a-politician sense).


Why Liberal Media Bias Is Fake

By Jesse Taylor

Because no matter what happens, the media always picks up on two narratives: can people trust the Democrat, and how does the Democrat stop people from trusting the Republican? With Gore, it was the NASCAR Dads and the beer test, with Kerry it was security moms and the national security gap, and with Obama it’ll be the trustworthiness gap, or whatever else the pundit class decides people don’t like about him. “McCain benefits from a…


You’ll be satisfied with our level of service, oral and otherwise

By Amanda Marcotte
Sunday, June 22, 2008 23:11 EDT

Hat tip.…


Save your marriage or save your credit

By Amanda Marcotte

Lindsay Beyerstein catches an important story—an FTC lawsuit against CompuCredit Visa has revealed some of the unusual things that will get held against your credit rating. Oh, it’s not just your income or your borrowing history. Nope. You’re considered a credit risk if you travel more than to work and…


Norm Coleman kerns his wife*

By auguste

Notice anything weird? The truth is, I doubt it’s faked. And even if it is, so what?** Both sides should probably work on being a little less obsessed with Ms. Coleman’s appearance, however. * Or should that be Norm Coleman doesn’t kern his wife? That whole thing confused me, I…


Attending my state party convention

By pams

At the New Bern Convention Center, as the festivities and business begin. Ninety-four counties out of 100 were represented at the convention. I was in New Bern, NC on Saturday for the North Carolina Democratic Party State Convention. Of course I know that most Pandagon readers won’t find this post…


A Contest!

By Jesse Taylor

Twenty dollars to the first person who can give any rational reason why Michelle Obama is mentioned in Maureen Dowd’s latest piece. This isn’t even the failure to write something relevant (the entire article is basically a laundry list of Weird Things The French President’s Wife Did), but Maureen Dowd’s…


Zimbabwe: Election’s Off

By Jesse Taylor

Goddammit. Zimbabwe’s opposition leader says he is pulling out of Friday’s runoff election against President Robert Mugabe. Morgan Tsvangirai says this is because of mounting violence and intimidation against the opposition during the campaign. Tsvangirai announced his decision during a news conference in Zimbabwe’s capital on Sunday after thousands of…


austan goolsbee wonders how muffins got to be so delicious

By Jesse Taylor

Representatives of the Obama and McCain campaigns are going to have a debate via Twitter. You know, the problem I’ve often found with our political process is that it’s not boiled down to pithy and easily misinterpretable bites of information.…


Upright Justices Brigade

By Jesse Taylor

Lying: the kind of activity we want our Supreme Court Justices participating in.…