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Cincinnati and HIV ads

By Amanda Marcotte
Thursday, June 19, 2008 20:32 EDT

Heading towards Cincinnati for the National Women’s Studies Association conference. Which means blogging might be a bit haphazard over the weekend. For those who are attending, the general plan is that I’m helping Seal Press with tabling, so stop by and say hi.

Meanwhile, I’m linking to this post of copyranter’s about some HIV prevention ads from France that show, as usual, that the French aren’t quite like us. In a good way. The ads are, in case you haven’t guessed, NSFW. Just was curious about people’s opinions on them.

The Log Cabin Republicans’ ‘education’ of the LGBT community on McCain begins

By pams

I almost lost my lunch reading this spin. You might recall from a recent post that the Log Cabin Republicans organization said it “will do its part to educate gay and lesbian voters about Sen. McCain in the weeks ahead.” Are you ready for the “education“? As a Republican organization, Log Cabin only endorses GOP candidates. While the organization has yet to decide on endorsing the Republican candidate for president, we’re encouraged that U.S. Sen.…


We Make Shit Up

By Jesse Taylor

Congressional Quarterly seems to be admitting that ideological rankings of Senators and Representatives, including their own, provide inaccurate, selective and mislabeled impressions of politicians. Yet, for some reason, they keep doing them. The Voteview approach is widely praised by political scientists because it has been very accurate at predicting how…


Are you racing to buy tix for the Values Voter Summit?

By pams

Mark your calendars! On September 12-14 at the Hilton Washington Hotel the professional “Christian” set will hold its 2008 Values Voter Summit. Featured confirmed speakers include Newt Gingrich, Tony Perkins, Michael Medved, Phyllis Schlafly and Gary Bauer. The bleating in the press release indicates California marriage equality is going to…


Molecularly Composed of Fail

By Jesse Taylor

Without comment, from Protein Wisdom: # Comment by syn on 6/19 @ 4:26 am # ‘It’s a matter of civil rights’ Homosexuals have always been able to marry, even have children, even divorce and marry again just not to a person who is of the same sex, and just like…


Hip Hop Is Dead In ’08

By Jesse Taylor

No, L’il Wayne will not resurrect the game. Every time he releases something like this: He releases five songs like this: I do have one bone to pick with the reviewer – if Baby the Birdman is (justifiably) called out as one of the worst rappers alive, Rick Ross makes…


Cookie McCain

By Jesse Taylor

I have no earthly idea why first ladies are expected to have recipes for everything – besides the fact that everything on a campaign happens by committee and the ultimate recipe is likely going to be something nobody in the candidate’s family has made themselves in years, if ever, it’s…


Looking beyond just getting every sick person to a doctor

By Amanda Marcotte

Salon has a doctor writing about how even “socialized” health care is way too expensive because the emphasis is on “get sick, go to the doctor” instead of on prevention. Like pretty much all decent people outside of the U.S., he takes first world nations’ responsibility to see to the…


Yet another attempt at scientific gaydar

By pams

A couple of times a year you see a rash of news articles about some institute or scientists trying to prove there’s a way to tell whether someone is gay by one trait or another. In the LA Times we have a nice listing of some of the proto-scientific gaydar…


John Lott: Still Wrong After All These Years

By Jesse Taylor

Via Plunderbund, John Lott (or as he’s known in superhero circle, the Drastically Unethical John Lott) is back to prove that all of our problems surrounding out of control gubmint spending stem back to…women. Academics have for some time pondered why the government started growing precisely when it did. The…