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You’re A Bad Terrorism Guy

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, June 19, 2008 2:39 EDT

imageThe main reason I like poking at Andy McCarthy so much is because it’s like the only thing he knows about terrorism is that whatever Democrats do won’t work. If Obama threatened a year of crotch stompings to all people convicted of terrorist activities, McCarthy would have 750 words penned almost instantaneously about how the terrorist crotch is actually a secret signaling panel to other cells, the foot its most direct activator.

This is June 2008. That means it marks the ten-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s indictment.

He was first charged by my old office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, in June 1998. That was before the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (hundreds killed), before the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole (17 U.S. members of the U.S. Navy killed), and before 9/11 (nearly 3000 Americans killed). So it’s fair to ask: How is that strategy of prosecuting him in the criminal-justice system working out?

That’s a question Sen. John McCain ought to be putting to Sen. Barack Obama every day.

Exactly right. Especially since we have bin Laden in cust…oh, wait.

The central problem with the conservative argument about criminal vs. military pursuit of terrorists (and there’s no reason we can’t do both, but for the ACLU’s insistence that all terrorists get mandatory spa treatment and access to Starz!) is that terrorists are really, really hard to track down. Even when you get your hands on one, they have an odd tendency to be okay with killing themselves. Or lying. Or not actually being terrorists, but instead regional soda distributors whose last name begins with B instead of P, but in the wrong place at the wrong time and conveniently brown.

Also, the National Review? Annoying.

A press conference untethered from reality

By pams

It’s just too over-the-top to ignore. This loser, Larry Sinclair, has been peddling a ridiculous story about having blown Obama in a party-hard limo in Illinois; he held a three-ring circus news conference at the National Press Club today. Sinclair, who has a 27-year criminal record of petty crimes and fraud arrests, should win an award for the dumbest mo’fo’ ever — he has an outstanding warrant in Colorado on theft and forgery charges, so…


TN: brutal trans-bashing by Memphis police officer caught on tape

By pams

Our trans brothers and sisters are human beings. How difficult is this concept to grasp for the bigots out there? I’m sick and angered by story after story about grown adults — in this case a law enforcement officer sworn to serve and protect everyone — acting like violent brutes…



By Jesse Taylor

If anyone out there has a Mac-compatible copy of Photoshop they’d be looking to get rid of cheap, e-mail me. We are in dire need of self-made internet macros.…


Get Rapture Ready!

By Amanda Marcotte
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 22:49 EDT

Oh man, this is so cool. I did an image search for “rapture” and on the first page I saw the first picture I’d ever seen depicting it. (You can click it for a bigger version.) I picked it up while at youth group in high school and asked about…


We Have Come Together To Remember Me

By Jesse Taylor

Bernie Goldberg (Bias, Some Other Shitty Book About Al Franken) writes about his fondest memory of Tim Russert…which is actually one of his fondest memories of himself that happens to involve Tim Russert. No, what made Tim Russert different, and better, I think was his willingness to listen to —…


Cheaper. Dumber. Worser. Dumber.

By Jesse Taylor

James Pethoukis of USNWR has a series of suggestions for McCain on how he can pull some political jiujitsu and turn energy against Obama. (Why has nobody ever thought of something like this before?) The problem is, all of the solutions boil down to: fuck everything you said before, and…


The Audacity Of Vitriol

By Jesse Taylor

Floyd Brown, the originator of the Willie Horton and “Is Barack Obama Lying About Being A Muslim?” ads, is receiving threats and intimidation from Obama supporters. Being the fair minded arbiters of civil order that we are, I’ve decided to highlight some of the worst to show just how awful…


Humor: Not funny

By Amanda Marcotte

Picture an example of the deadly serious nature of dead white guys. Michael Gerson decides to explain this humor thing to conservatives, which is similar to watching a dachsund try to explain quantum mechanics. Or a Southern Baptist minister explain why he knows more about biology than one of those…


Don’t Punch The Unicorn

By Jesse Taylor

I think my favorite part of this segment is when the host says, “This is John McCain we’re talking about!” John McCain is a magical war shaman, as all Republicans are, and the idea of someone saying he hasn’t actually led a large organization or developed war policy is like,…