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Round Peg, Square Hole

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 18:22 EDT

America’s Worst Economist is back on the beat, coming to my home state to tell us what the real problem is with the economy.

If the American economy is to recover, taxes at all levels must be lowered, economist Arthur Laffer told a Toledo audience yesterday.

Mr. Laffer, best known for the Laffer Curve and for advocating so-called supply-side economics during the Reagan administrations, spoke at the Toledo Club to more than 100 clients of Huntington Funds, a subsidiary of Huntington National Bank.

His Laffer Investments Inc. is an adviser to Huntington Macro 100 Funds.

Mr. Laffer said that Ohio’s poor economy is a microcosm of the nation’s.

“Ohio is not in very good shape. Taxes have gotten totally out of control,” he said.

Supply-side economics reminds me of one of Best Buy’s Product Replacement Plans. No matter what happens, it’s always offered as the solution, it almost always costs too much, and even in the rare cases where it does work towards its intended purpose, you’re still probably getting screwed on the whole deal.

Did I mention our Blogads are available for low, low prices, all you multinational electronics conglomerates?


By Jesse Taylor

Is apparently not here to say things or make points, but instead to present a “three-dimensional” version of history that shows Native Americans really weren’t systematically oppressed by expansionist American policies but were, instead, I don’t know, fry cooks.


Defending the feminine

By Amanda Marcotte

I’ve seen this clip everywhere of a group of science geeks that show that nerds are hot to younger women in an effort to encourage them to join the sciences. Unfortunately, you have to link back to the article and can’t embed it. The standard issue feminist hand-wringing was issued.…


Shorter New York Times

By Jesse Taylor

We really tried to figure out ways that McCain was different from Bush…and we almost found some!…


John McCain Will Stop Some Other Globe From Warming

By Jesse Taylor

During the Republican primary, John McCain made a big to-do about how he was going to tackle global warming head-on. “I will clean up the planet,” McCain said. “I will make global warming a priority.” McCain often says that he wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil and that he…


Al Gore Endorses Obama

By Jesse Taylor

Via the AP: Al Gore made his What’s most interesting, though: second time Obama has I think its a good strategy, myself. (Background here.)…


Do You Believe In Magic?

By Jesse Taylor

Lieberman as McCain’s Veep? You don’t say! The problem with McCain’s veep search is the same problem the GOP had in the primary – choosing from among a group of clowns will ultimately net you the least clownish clown. I think that there’s a 50/50 chance that Lieberman is the…


Stuff White People Like #104: Wondering When Minorities Will Stop Doing Weird Shit

By Jesse Taylor

Belle Waring notes some hope in the power of Negrosity on the horizon: Mickey Kaus is hoping and Mary Battiata is wondering (the distinction is different, as Kaus seems like a befuddled white guy who just really hates the silly shit some black people do, while Battiata seems cluelessly naive…


Everyone Knows

By Amanda Marcotte

Hee, Matt made a funny. Addressing yet another article that peddles in the idea that Keith Olbermann’s success is a miracle, because liberals traditionally fail on TV, he says: How many failed attempts were there, exactly? My recollection of the relevant history is that first O’Reilly was successful. Then, because…


Daddy Issues

By Jesse Taylor
Monday, June 16, 2008 21:25 EDT

McCain campaign, step away from the camera (the bus tour video). My three favorite parts: 1.) The Republican campaign uniform. I noticed this on the campaign, as well – it really does seem like all Republican male staffers own closets full of the same powder blue shirt and pleated khakis,…