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By Jesse Taylor
Monday, June 9, 2008 17:52 EDT

Via Ta-Nehisi Coates, today’s Krugman column is problematic.

Unlike Ta-Nehisi, I don’t find the problem to be Krugman’s citation of faceless fervent Obama supporters, but instead this:

Fervent supporters of Barack Obama like to say that putting him in the White House would transform America. With all due respect to the candidate, that gets it backward. Mr. Obama is an impressive speaker who has run a brilliant campaign — but if he wins in November, it will be because our country has already been transformed.

(Emphasis added.)

Now, I’m not of the opinion that the Glorious Revolution* will transform our nation outright, but I’m starting to notice an undercurrent of dismissiveness towards what Obama represents. When he becomes president, it won’t be because he put together a remarkable campaign that took on the best opposition available and triumphed over it, or because he mounted a campaign that put forth the first credible black candidate in a general election and convinced enough of the American public that he was better than their worst fears about black men and the black community.

No, it’ll be because we did the hard work of letting ourselves know that black people really aren’t that scary, and (presumably) that Obama just happened to stumble along and notice the sign on the window that said “Help Wanted – First Black President”.

I’m already tired of accomplishments that aren’t accomplishments because they were accomplished.

*This week’s edict from the Revolution: Macbeth was no longer written by William Shakespeare, but instead by Tyler Perry. Lady Macbeth was never so sassy!

It’s a man’s, man’s Midol world

By pams

I hadn’t seen the outrageous recent ad by the menstrual pain reliever Midol, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Unlike this ridiculous ad from the 1960s (“Betty’s Gay with Midol”, today’s marketing geniuses decided that the new slogan for the product should be “Midol, Reverse the Curse.” The ad was described by feministabonita: The commercial “There is a reason it’s called the curse, _____________ ** , cramps and bloating” (commercial shows women in their bras with…


Dance, hypocrites, dance!

By Amanda Marcotte

For blatantly partisan reasons, I hope that H. Ross Perot makes a big stink out of the story of McCain’s first wife. From what I understand of the wingnut mind, the people already wary of McCain will feel vindicated about using his POW status against him as evidence that he’s…



By Jesse Taylor

Fred Hiatt breaks through the hemp-lined flower shield of dirty hippiedom and throws some truth in our faces: But dive into Rockefeller’s report, in search of where exactly President Bush lied about what his intelligence agencies were telling him about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, and you may be…


More Ribs, Please

By Jesse Taylor

Ruh-roh. Openly frustrated by what they see as an ongoing double standard in the press’s treatment of his campaign, Sen. John McCain and his aides have been aggressively denouncing unfavorable stories as “smear jobs” and “scurrilous attacks,” while the candidate himself has launched a series of stinging attacks on Sen.…


The patriarchy weighs in on the Democratic primary

By Amanda Marcotte
Sunday, June 8, 2008 21:45 EDT

Jill beat me to it, dammit. The Patriarchy steps in and gives his opinion on who he supported in the primary season. Marc promises a whole series of episodes of Manhood, starring The Patriarchy himself. If Stephen Colbert just wasn’t working under the FCC regulations….. Which is another way to…


About those “Present” votes…

By auguste

I don’t want to belabor this point too much, because McCain would have to be a massive hypocrite to bring it up*, but I thought it was worth noting: [T]he Illinois Planned Parenthood Council says Obama’s “present” votes were actually part of a careful strategy to prevent those restrictions from…


Raising visibility and diversity: Obama’s LGBT outreach call and commitment to the community

By pams

On Friday, Barack Obama’s campaign held a conference call for about 1200 bloggers, media and LGBT community members to discuss its outreach efforts for the general election. I was invited to be on the impromptu call, but it coincided right when I was on a flight. The good news is…


OMFG godly plagiarism!

By Amanda Marcotte

OMFG. Echidne posted a link to blinkytreefrog, who found a book from about 1951 called “On Becoming A Woman”. Which is very fortuitous, as the Human Life Alliance has put a PDF of their abstinence-only rags “Just For Girls” and “Just For Boys”, which are similar to this 1951 book…



By Jesse Taylor

One of the dirty little secrets of political campaigning is that every campaign is constantly telling the press bad things about their opponent. It’s to be expected – they’re constantly looking to be spoonfed stories, and the campaign has minions toiling away finding out insidious things about misfiled zoning applications…