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NSFW by any means

By Amanda Marcotte
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 23:26 EDT

But funny.


Time to ban straight marriage

By Amanda Marcotte

Straight people shouldn’t be allowed to marry. That’s what I came to realize that Maggie Gallagher must believe after reading this article of hers, where she suggests that gay marriage isn’t really marriage because—get this—some gay couples are non-monogamous. Less than a decade later, Eric Erbelding from the perch of his legally recognized Massachusetts gay marriage, is quite comfortable explaining to the New York Times that “Our rule is you can play around because, you…


The Constitution Will Now Be Called The Negronomicon

By Jesse Taylor

I think this might be racist.…


A Question to the GOP

By Jesse Taylor

Why, if the Constitution is insufficient to protect us, are we fighting so hard to protect it? UPDATE: Tommy D. hops on the mic to drop some America-protecting knowledge. In doing so, the Court struck down a 2006 law passed by overwhelming bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress, which…


ACLU symposium on LGBT rights – ‘because freedom cannot blog itself’

By pams

This week, the ACLU is featuring a symposium, Blog of Rights, in celebration of LGBT Pride Month. I, along with several other LGBT writers, leaders and supporters, are contributing essays on civil equality. My post just went live — “Moving That Civil Rights Ball Forward.” Drop by, give feedback and…


Round Peg, Square Hole

By Jesse Taylor

America’s Worst Economist is back on the beat, coming to my home state to tell us what the real problem is with the economy. If the American economy is to recover, taxes at all levels must be lowered, economist Arthur Laffer told a Toledo audience yesterday. Mr. Laffer, best known…



By Jesse Taylor

Is apparently not here to say things or make points, but instead to present a “three-dimensional” version of history that shows Native Americans really weren’t systematically oppressed by expansionist American policies but were, instead, I don’t know, fry cooks.…


Defending the feminine

By Amanda Marcotte

I’ve seen this clip everywhere of a group of science geeks that show that nerds are hot to younger women in an effort to encourage them to join the sciences. Unfortunately, you have to link back to the article and can’t embed it. The standard issue feminist hand-wringing was issued.…


Shorter New York Times

By Jesse Taylor

We really tried to figure out ways that McCain was different from Bush…and we almost found some!…


John McCain Will Stop Some Other Globe From Warming

By Jesse Taylor

During the Republican primary, John McCain made a big to-do about how he was going to tackle global warming head-on. “I will clean up the planet,” McCain said. “I will make global warming a priority.” McCain often says that he wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil and that he…