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Al Gore Endorses Obama

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 12:17 EDT

Via the AP:

Al Gore made his

What’s most interesting, though:

second time Obama has

I think its a good strategy, myself.

(Background here.)

Do You Believe In Magic?

By Jesse Taylor

Lieberman as McCain’s Veep? You don’t say! The problem with McCain’s veep search is the same problem the GOP had in the primary – choosing from among a group of clowns will ultimately net you the least clownish clown. I think that there’s a 50/50 chance that Lieberman is the VP choice for McCain, for a few reasons: 1.) The other candidates keep being exorcists and corrupt former mayors of New York. 2.) The ones…


Stuff White People Like #104: Wondering When Minorities Will Stop Doing Weird Shit

By Jesse Taylor

Belle Waring notes some hope in the power of Negrosity on the horizon: Mickey Kaus is hoping and Mary Battiata is wondering (the distinction is different, as Kaus seems like a befuddled white guy who just really hates the silly shit some black people do, while Battiata seems cluelessly naive…


Everyone Knows

By Amanda Marcotte

Hee, Matt made a funny. Addressing yet another article that peddles in the idea that Keith Olbermann’s success is a miracle, because liberals traditionally fail on TV, he says: How many failed attempts were there, exactly? My recollection of the relevant history is that first O’Reilly was successful. Then, because…


Daddy Issues

By Jesse Taylor
Monday, June 16, 2008 21:25 EDT

McCain campaign, step away from the camera (the bus tour video). My three favorite parts: 1.) The Republican campaign uniform. I noticed this on the campaign, as well – it really does seem like all Republican male staffers own closets full of the same powder blue shirt and pleated khakis,…


The Liberal Blogger Employment Act

By Jesse Taylor

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!…


Laughing and then throwing up in your mouth a little

By Amanda Marcotte

I reviewed some anti-choice songs on this week’s podcast, with clips and everything. You have rap, heavy metal, and of course, wretched pop. Music snobbery mixed with reproductive rights—I had a blast making it. Except for the part where I actually had to comb through anti-choice music for clips.…


I Sell Pro-Silence iPods, Too

By Jesse Taylor

“Pro-life” drugstores are on the rise, marking the advent of stores that appear to be constructed in response to virtually no consumer demand whatsover. The pharmacy is one of a small but growing number of drugstores around the country that have become the latest front in a conflict pitting patients’…


Congress = Pwned

By Jesse Taylor

The National Review has been going predictably apeshit over the upholding of habeas corpus since the Supreme Court narrowly affirmed that the Constitution isn’t made of Charmin, but this bit by Andrew McCarthy makes me giggle: It is difficult to single out the most outrageous aspect of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s…


I Got Tubes!

By Jesse Taylor

Internet campaigning has a ton of misconceptions behind it, especially as we enter into the third major cycle (2004 and 2006 being the first two) of it. Ben Adler in the Politico (complete with really stupid composite image of McCain and Obama) writes about whether or not McCain’s online operation…