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Just why would we get the idea that he’s McSame?

By pams
Sunday, June 15, 2008 13:33 EDT

This is brilliant. The Jed Report has a mashup of the obliteration of John McCain…by John McCain on whether he’s hand-in-glove with Dear Leader.

And here is today’s WTF moment by McCain, via The Carpetbagger Report:

“I will look you in the eye and promise you that I will get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice,” McCain said in response to a direct question from one of the 2,000 people in attendance at the college’s Pemberton campus gym.

McCain said the key to ending the long search for bin Laden was to increase the number of human spies abroad.

We need better human intelligence. We need people who can swim in the water,” McCain said.

Below the fold — a big McCain fundraiser’s past remarks about rape roil the campaign. ***

Rape remarks deep-sixes McCain fundraiser

Meanwhile, the latest with-friends-like-these moment comes from what ABC calls a “verbal blunder” by one of McCain’s fundraising buds.

Sen. John McCain on Friday abruptly cancelled a Monday fundraiser that had been scheduled at the home of a Texas oilman, after ABC News contacted the campaign inquiring about a verbal blunder the Texan made during an unsuccessful 1990 campaign for governor.

Clayton Williams stirred controversy during his 1990 campaign for governor of Texas with a botched attempt at humor in which he compared rape to weather. Within earshot of a reporter, Williams said: “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.”

His Democratic opponent at the time, the late Ann Richards — who, coincidentally, would lose the governor’s mansion to George W. Bush in 1994 — highlighted the comments in a TV ad during that 1990 campaign.

How on earth is that statement a “blunder?” That wasn’t a slip of the tongue or a misstatement; Williams thought he was telling a good old boy joke. Well, considering the Arizona called his wife a c*nt in public, he probably would have laughed at that “joke” himself.

By the way, McCain’s campaign said it wouldn’t give back any of the $300K raised by Williams. The DNC’s response:

“Mr. Williams’ comments are not only outrageous and disgusting, they degrade our values as Americans. John McCain should make it clear that he understands just how offensive these comments are by not only canceling a fund-raising event but also returning the money Wlliams raised for his campaign. Senator McCain should know that you cannot expect the American people to trust you if you say one thing when you stand on the stump and turn a blind eye to this kind of language when you think no one will notice.”

Random Question

By Jesse Taylor

Almost every major gas station you go to these days allows you to pay at the pump with a credit or debit card, and includes a keypad that allows you to input a PIN, choose a receipt, ask for a car wash, etc. These pads obviously include numerical keys as well. So why the fuck can’t I pay with my bank card and use that keypad to say I only want $20.00 of gas?


Well, I never

By Amanda Marcotte
Saturday, June 14, 2008 21:51 EDT

I just watched the final episode of this season’s Battlestar Galactica. Holy fucking shit. That is all.…


This ain’t no party, this is empathy boot camp, ladies

By Amanda Marcotte

Those evo psych quacks are getting craftier about pushing their message (in essence: women are less worthy than men and therefore should have to do more work for less pay)—the trick increasingly is not to flatter male egos by telling them that they’re meant to roam around town fucking everyone…


This post is not about who you’re not voting for

By auguste

Via Feministing, Katie Halper has written a loyalty oath for former Clinton supporters who are signing on with McCain: The McCain Loyalty Oath for Women I _______________ pledge to transfer my support from Hillary Clinton to John McCain. I agree to do all I can do to get McCain the…


Bamboo Review: Incredible Hulk

By Jesse Taylor

Of all of Marvel’s core canon superheroes, the Hulk has always been my least favorite, if for no other reason than few writers have ever done anything convincingly interesting with Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s alter ego. For the most part, he’s simply a milquetoast afraid of the beast that lies…


Bare naked TSA travel, part two

By pams

I blogged about the Transportation Security Administration’s invasive screening devices back in 2006, but they are in the news again because the technology is being deployed in even more airports. The booths close around the passenger and emit “millimeter waves” that go through cloth to identify metal, plastics, ceramics, chemical…


Romance is about sex?

By Amanda Marcotte

Wow, people really suck. Look, I can understand why people can rationalize their antsiness about their teenage children’s sexuality, even as they know full well that they were having those feelings and screwing around at that age and managed to survive intact. You’re never going to be young again, so…


Straight talk – McCain this and that

By pams

Let’s start off with comedy… Gingrich compares McCain to Abe Lincoln. Now that’s balls. Five dollar bills around the country are igniting as we speak. In an interview with GQ magazine yesterday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich compared Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) effort to rally support around his…


Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

By Jesse Taylor
Friday, June 13, 2008 23:06 EDT

Peggy Noonan writes. I apologize in advance. 2008 will prove in part to be a decisive political contest between the Dichotomy I Just Created. Between the thing I wanted to make a point about, and other thing which is the opposite of what I wanted to make a point about.…