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Hankies, indeed

By auguste
Thursday, June 5, 2008 20:51 EDT

Cara at Feministe links to a series of comic strips telling stories of the rescue work in Sichuan.

Don’t go to the site expecting to escape without tears.

Then head over here.

What To Look Forward To

By Jesse Taylor

McCain is using Obama’s website. McCain is looking to put Fauxbama on his ticket. Word’s coming down that he’s trying to pay off his minister to put up a YouTube video of him saying “Fuck Jesus” to the beat of the Notorioius B.I.G.’s “Get Money”. We’ll let you know how this progresses.


Feminists: Not really stupid

By Amanda Marcotte

Once again, I have to exercise skepticism that there’s huge numbers of “angry white women” out there who will vote McCain instead of Obama out of spite. Spite feelings are running high right now, which is why Joan Walsh makes me cringe 15 separate times in her piece today. Threats…


The Shocking Truth

By Jesse Taylor

I’m going to give Larry Johnson a bone before he soils any more pants over the secret video jihad of Michelle Obama that he hasn’t seen but has it on good advice that other people have seen their cousins watch. Here, for the first time ever, top secret video footage…


Because It’s Race Day

By Jesse Taylor

Tom Maguire, commenting on this article: “We as black people now have hope that we have never, ever had,” Mr. Sam-Brew said. “I have new goals for my little girl. She can’t give me any excuses because she’s black.” What a wonderful country, and I can almost hear Mr. Sam-Brew…


Mike Signorile tries to bore into the ‘if not Hillary, I’m voting McCain’ logic

By pams

It was a difficult day on The Michelangelo Signorile Show yesterday, as Mike spoke with several angry callers who are ready to vote for John McCain before casting a ballot for Barack Obama. In the clip below, the caller cites a few reasons I’ve seen out there, including: 1) we…


Hit The Blocks, Baby

By Jesse Taylor

I’ll admit – for a while, I even bought into the “Obama can’t win because he’s black” idea. It was disturbingly easy to believe, if for no other reason than what I call the Mike Alstott theorem. Mike Alstott, for those of you who are unfamiliar with NFL fullbacks (and…


Why’d he have to go and call her the c-word?

By auguste

Ann Althouse pulls a Larry Johnson (or, as one of her commenters calls it, a Michelle Malkin) on Chris Matthews: With complete clarity, he says the famous 4-letter c-word. Except that, if you watch the video, he totally fucking doesn’t. Advance work for the Michelle Obama non-video? Chris Matthews has…


They Called It The “Great” Depression For A Reason!

By Jesse Taylor

Broke-ass old age: the wave of the future. Another report on the Social Security Web site tells us that the average Social Security benefit for a retired worker is now $1,082.30 a month. That’s before the Medicare part B premium of $96.40. The solution here isn’t more money or another…


Just say no to abstinence

By Amanda Marcotte

If you’re not reading the Abstinence Clearinghouse’s website, then you’re really missing out. Here’s a typical deep thought post: It’s amazing to me that “no” happens to be one of the first words in a child’s vocabulary. Yet, when they get to be older, the word simply goes out of…