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There Is No Joy In Mudville

By Jesse Taylor
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 13:43 EDT

I find it rather easy to take glee when people who think they’re being smart get caught doing dumb things. It’s much harder to take glee when people who were doing dumb shit get caught, because it’s just so obvious – like watching a baby carriage headed for a pit of spikes, if the baby was a middle aged man and the spikes were divorce.

You know that unidentified estranged wife of a Reno doctor that the governor of Nevada is not having an affair with?

Well, during one month last year he exchanged 850 text messages with her phone from his official state phone, at 15 cents per.

I’m not condoning adultery. I’m not approving of the lying and the extreme violation of trust involved in breaking monogamous bonds with someone you’re supposed to have dedicated your life to.

But come the fuck on. Really? A state phone? And you’re paying per text message?

Let’s talk about the state phone thing first. You know the distinction between a state phone and a personal phone? The state owns the state phone. That means that anything you do on it, the state has the right to look at. Think about it this way – suppose you had a choice between using the state toilet, which all the millions of people in your state had a reasonable right of access to

The definitive evidence arrived this morning from Uranus

By Amanda Marcotte

It’s amazing how much complexity there is stemming from what essentially boils down to: They made it all up.


Also, has anyone noticed all the sex & violence on the teevee?

By auguste

Holy shit: Meanwhile, conservative talk radio, which I have been following with interest for almost 20 years, has become a tornado alley of hallucinatory holograms of Obama…It’s gotten to the point that I can hardly listen to my favorite shows, which were once both informative and entertaining. The hackneyed repetition…


Carl’s Jr. can kiss my ass

By auguste

It’s almost hard to decide what part of this commercial is the most offensive. Is it the haranguing-woman stereotype? The men-shouldn’t-cry bullshit? The idea that the man should be glad he got away with one, even though it involves the woman losing respect for him? The fact that the sandwich…


G*d damn. Can we afford a computer illiterate doofus as POTUS?

By pams

Sorry to bring up this guy again, but this is the living end. After posting about McSame’s idiotic reference to his campaign using “a Google” to vet his VP candidates, I come across this video (from early on in GOP primary) that I hadn’t seen. If anything should disqualify a…


It’s Like Good, But Evil

By Jesse Taylor

Walmart launches a Craigslist competitor. It’s exactly the same, except harder to use, poorly organized, and for some reason, has two different communities for the greater Steubenville area. I predict great things. Image used through Creative Commons license via acloudman.…


I tripped and fell and whoops was a mother

By Amanda Marcotte
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 23:33 EDT

The beauty of blogging is when you get a chance to make those connections that you’d otherwise forget right after they occur to you. Just such a connection happened for me this week. On this week’s podcast (listen today! subscribe!), I interviewed Sharon Camp, the CEO of the Guttmacher Institute,…


The Washington Post Wants To Hear From You

By Jesse Taylor

Just visit their groups, and you can talk about politics and faith with the white moderate liberal, race with the one black dude…or conservatism with Ramesh Ponnuru. You should never have to ask yourself why these people hire Anne Applebaum. (By the way, thanks to the fine folks at the…



By Jesse Taylor

I’m not sure why conservatives keep bringing up the “but this woulda been a senior moment for McCain!” specter when it comes to what they perceive are Barack Obama gaffes (and what actually appear to be some guy behind him continually talking through his speech). The most famous version of…


Taser International loses first liability lawsuit

By pams

The winning streak for the arrogant stun-gun manufacturer is over. A San Jose, California, jury yesterday said Taser had failed to warn police in Salinas, California, that prolonged exposure to electric shock from the device could cause a risk of cardiac arrest. The jury awarded $1 million in compensatory damages…