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Tell Ol’ Pharoah…

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, June 5, 2008 1:22 EDT

Drop It Like It’s Hot

By Jesse Taylor

Hillary Clinton is dropping out while she’s on top. Unfortunately, these things always come in trilogies, so I just hope that the next dropout happens against a highly efficient Japanese team of candidates.


You’re not just a freeloader if you don’t vaccinate your kids

By Amanda Marcotte
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 23:40 EDT


No Hamas! No Hamas!

By Jesse Taylor

Hamas unendorses Obama. One day as the nominee, and he’s already alienating supporters. We’re in trouble.…


Cranky Wants Your Vote

By Jesse Taylor

After having (mostly) navigated through the sociopolitical minefield that was Obama vs. Clinton in terms of race and sex, we now get another area to broach: John McCain is old. The weird thing about McCain is that he seems much older than he actually is. Seventy-two, while certainly elderly, still…


Hilary Rosen: Clinton missed her chance to ‘pass the torch and cement her grace’

By pams

That says a lot coming from Hilary Rosen, one of the power brokers in DC and the LGBT community, who was all over the airwaves as a tireless, staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton. Rosen’s column on Huff Post (where she is the new political editor) is a very strong signal…


Republicans say: Thanks for doing our work for us!

By Amanda Marcotte

Update: Remember that campaigns are usually very responsive to direct communications. You can contact the campaign here and let them know that Clinton’s prior statements undermining Obama’s experience and skills make her a poor choice for a VP pick. It will only take a moment of your time. Hat tip.…


Is this it for female candidates?

By Amanda Marcotte

With two hands over my eyes and plugs in my ears, I could still tell you that Clinton losing the nomination is going to inspire all sorts of disingenuous hand-wringing concealing glee over women’s chances in politics. Again, I’m grateful to the LA Times for stalking out in the other…


A Revolutionary Campaign

By Jesse Taylor

John McCain has just proposed a revolutionary series of joint town hall meetings between himself and Obama which would open up a new era in political campaigning – where the candidate with the organization, mojo and money finds himself voluntarily hamstrung by his opponent’s poorly run campaign on a repeated…


A proud tradition

By auguste

In all the discussion going into yesterday’s primaries/super-delegate bonanza, the discussion about how “what everyone should remember is that Obama is unelectable, because of the defections from the Democratic Party that will take place if he’s nominated” everyone conveniently forgot that McCain got the same rap, only more of it.…