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Watch Out For That Tree

By Jesse Taylor
Thursday, June 12, 2008 3:03 EDT

imageObama monkey dolls? Just…really?

I mean…really?

If you’re going to…


UPDATE: Via Atrios, Fox News decides that Michelle Obama is Barack’s baby mama.

UPDATE 2: I know a lot of people are finding the same small body of information on a or many David Lawsons in Utah – real estate agent, Romney contribution, etc. Unless you have ironclad proof that they’re all the same people (and the name David Lawson in Utah isn’t that uncommon, at least four show up in a basic phonebook search), please don’t harass someone just because they share the same name.

Mr. Sulu Judges And Finds You Unworthy

By Jesse Taylor

A few days late on this, but a few county clerks in California are refusing to perform any marriages starting June 14th, when same-sex marriage becomes legal. Why? Ann Barnett plans to stop performing ceremonies for all couples in Kern County as of June 14. She will issue the new gender-neutral marriage licenses as required by law on June 17, but refuses to preside over any ceremony because of space and staff constraints, she said…


HIV: Get it and then we’ll talk

By Amanda Marcotte

In case there’s any doubt, this should put it to rest: Tom Coburn is a giant fucking asshole godbag who probably gets a sadistic glee thinking of people suffering. To put some perspective on this, the constant battle on earmarking HIV relief funds is between treatment and prevention. Experts generally…


To Infinity…And Global Depression!

By Jesse Taylor
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 23:36 EDT

When asked about gas prices at the pump, and whether they could go any lower, Sen. McCain said he didn’t think so because “You’ve got a finite supply, basically, and a cartel controlling it.” This is exactly wrong. There is no finite supply, or if there is we are 100…


You! I want to take you to a link farm!

By Amanda Marcotte

If a women’s clinic was run by John McCain, brought to you by Brave New PAC and Planned Parenthood. Think you’re “pro-life”? Then suck it up and vote for Obama, whose policies are much better for preserving life. Yours truly, Kim Gandy, and Shireen Mitchell discuss the aftermath of the…


Pants-Shittingly Crazy

By Jesse Taylor

Melanie Phillips, begging for adult underwear: We are entitled therefore to ask whether the Muslim world supports [Obama] because it believes he is still a Muslim. I might actually take these people seriously if they could convince me they’d ever gotten closer to a Muslim than the movie Aladdin.…


Talibangelist Bill Keller: Obama is no Christian

By pams

Ah, campaign season brings all the freakshow fundies out of the woodwork. Today’s self-important member of the religious fringe is the “Dr. Phil of prayer,” St. Petersburg, Florida-based Bill Keller of Liveprayer.com. He bleats to the Wildmon “news” organ OneNewsNow that Obama is a faux Christian Trojan Horse. “A lot…


56 Kbps Of DANGER

By Jesse Taylor

The federal government is attempting to revive a law written to protect children from online pornography. The problem is, the law was written in 1998. Government lawyers tried Tuesday to revive a 1998 law designed to keep online pornography from children, amid questions that it is significantly outdated and blocks…


Bali: It has nicer weather than your ugly town

By Amanda Marcotte

DJW’s round-up of National Review’s Campaign Spot blog is pretty hysterical. The right wing noise machine is a fascinating thing to watch, because as hostile as some wingnuts are to the theory of evolution, they’re sure fond of natural selection when it comes to honing their campaign smears. By which…


Want More Ice Cream!

By Jesse Taylor

It took all of a week for the media to decide that the shiny had worn off, and that both candidates were miserable failures at exciting their hearts and minds. Robert Samuelson takes it one step further, and decides that the real story of the general election…is the same story…