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They Write Stories

By Jesse Taylor
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 13:48 EDT

Perhaps the worst thing that Chris Matthews has done to the media is to give everyone the idea that the point of political reporting is to find an analogy, any analogy, for whatever you’re talking about – no matter how forced or pointless.


By Jesse Taylor

Utter insanity. Among the most far gone of the Clinton true believers, there appears to be nothing that anyone can do to respect the legitimate outcome of the primary short of discarding the whole thing and engaging in the fantasy that Hillary not only won, but is the One True Candidate. So, my question is this. Presuming that we aren’t going to send the Starship Enterprise that is the Democratic Party slingshotting around the sun…


Here’s Your Lines, Now I Want Your Candid Opinion

By Jesse Taylor

The “comments” that Hillary Clinton wants from her supporters? First, the comments are optional. You can tell by the (Optional) next to where it says “Comments”. So, why are you at her site? It’s a giant contribution scheme, silly! They even have a specially tagged June 3rd page. This may…


Well said, Ms. McEwan

By auguste

Not that it’s a surprise.…


Primary Night Open Thread

By Jesse Taylor

Comment here. 9:01 PM: McCain’s speech was inspiring. Literally dozens of people standing in a room, booing things. I can only hope he’s as good of a president as he is a talker…person…man. 9:02 PM: Obama’s our nominee! 9:04 PM: McCain should bring Wiis to campaign events. I’ve heard old,…


I Want Pie For My Piehole

By Jesse Taylor
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 21:37 EDT

Applebee’s doesn’t have a salad bar. It does serve arugula, though.…


If we just start calling it “foosnoozle”, then we can declare there’s no more cancer

By Amanda Marcotte

The wingnut version of a Zen koan: “If a woman is beaten or raped, but shuts up about it and doesn’t tell anyone, did it really happen?” I mean, no one but the abuser knows about it, right? So it’s like it didn’t happen, right? Sure, you weenie liberals might…


Tre Arrow pleads guilty

By auguste

Local news: Radical environmentalist Tre Arrow on Tuesday pleaded guilty to arson charges as part of a deal with prosecutors that will keep him behind bars for an additional 2 1/2 years. Arrow, who legally changed his name from Michael Scarpitti, was charged with firebombing three cement trucks at Ross…


The Takeover Begins

By Jesse Taylor

AP: Obama effectively clinches nomination. Those of you with small, nimble hands will be on dashiki weaving duty for the Glorious Revolution.…


All Hail Blackazoid

By Jesse Taylor

John Cole writes about… (I go away for three years, come back, and John Cole is not only making sense, but he’s a really good read? Is Digby the despotic overlord of Oakland now?) …the “whitey” tape rumors that are tearing up the rumor mill. And by “tearing up”, I…