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2008 Blogging for LGBT Families day

By pams
Monday, June 2, 2008 19:00 EDT

Today is the Third Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day, an occasion to celebrate the beauty of non-traditional families. Kate and I are a child-free couple, but we’re doting aunts, and completely out of the closet to those we love. It means that nieces and nephews will grow up knowing us without a thought to our orientation, that it’s not a dark family secret or a guessing game.

The existence of thriving LGBT families of all shapes and sizes is a grave threat to the Dominionists who see life and love through a very narrow religious worldview, as if morality and good child-rearing is only present in a mother/father parented family. Even though all sorts of configurations of families exist — grandparents raising children, single parents, etc. — we have seen an obsessive focus by the right on denying LGBTs the ability to adopt or foster children, and to deny committed same-sex couples to marry, even though these are culturally and socially stabilizing institutions.It’s amazing to think that legislators like NC State Sen. Jim Forrester (R) are so hell-bent on making legal life difficult for LGBT families here in our state that one day into the legislative session he introduced his marriage amendment bill — Senate Bill 1608. Issues that all families care about — education, health care, unemployment — were not Forrester’s priority.

That’s why the visibility of LGBT families — and taking time out to honor them — is what will bring about change over time – the fossils of fear cannot continue to ignore the children growing up who don’t see their different families as odd, strange or immoral.

Without additional comment

By auguste

I will vote for McCain if I have to in order to keep a dangerously unqualified man out of the White House. TalkLeft commenter. Update: From comments below: Thanks for pointing out that comment. I deleted it. It was inappropriate. TalkLeft will support the Democratic nominee, whoever it turns out to be. – TalkLeft


You Got Served

By Jesse Taylor

Powerline: I think there are two principal reasons for Obama’s omission of military service from the commencement address. First, in the guise of praising public service, Obama sings a song of himself. His work as a “community organizer” in Chicago is more praiseworthy, in Obama’s eyes, than work for profit-making…


I Used To Be Able To Buy A Whole Turkey For A Plugged Nickel

By Jesse Taylor

Military service is on Bill Kristol’s mind today. It is, as you’d expect, wonderfully asinine. There’s another part of the op-ed that leapt out at me, though – we already know Barack Obama hates the military, being a terrorist and a Democrat and all. But Bill Kristol engages in my…


Ralph Reed: McCain should keep his fundie meetings on the DL

By pams

As I’ve mentioned before, politicians who court endorsements from religious leaders do so at their own peril, because you never know kind of batsh*t politically incorrect statements or sermons will come back to haunt the politician trying to rope in more people of faith at the polls. Look at Obama…


Ain’t Got To Get To Church To Get To Know Your God

By Jesse Taylor

The biggest victim in the entire Democratic nominating process, if some are to be believed, is the former frontrunner with the $100 million-plus bankroll, an early lead in every imaginable poll and a virtual lock on the nomination…admittedly, all before voting began and people started actually choosing the nominee. As…


Al Franken And Jerry Springer Say Hi

By Jesse Taylor

You know, if nobody’s going to discuss what’s going on in the Democratic primary, I suppose I’m gonna have to. UPDATE: If you want to know what I’ve actually been up to, here’s my bio.…


Well, Hello

By pandagonadmin

You know, if nobody’s going to discuss what’s going on in the Democratic primary, I suppose I’m gonna have to.…


Cabinet position offer for Hillary?

By pams

I didn’t watch cable news most of Sunday — has the MSM in the U.S. mentioned this? From the UK Telegraph: Hillary Clinton will be offered a dignified exit from the presidential race and the prospect of a place in Barack Obama’s cabinet under plans for a “negotiated surrender” of…


Experience: What counts?

By auguste

I’ve already stated that I think Washington experience is overrated, so I’ll admit up front that my personal opinions don’t have a huge stake in this, but after reading the 15,000th Clinton-leaning piece of writing referring to Obama’s “lack of experience”, I decided to ask for some clarification. The question…