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“We don’t have an option, now.”

By auguste
Sunday, June 8, 2008 9:05 EDT

Via Kid Oakland at some little orange site somewhere, watch this:

It’s long, but worth watching.

Kid Oakland has several suggestions for how to get involved.

Let Us Not Forget

By Jesse Taylor

Even on a day of great unity, where Senator Clinton made a gracious and much-needed overture towards repairing the deep rifts in a great political party, I ask that none of us forget the one overarching lesson of this seemingly endless primary season. Mark Penn really was a loathsome, shit-eating motherfucker. Mr. Penn pushed for aggressive attacks on Mr. Obama, something other advisers resisted. At one point, Mr. Penn argued that Mrs. Clinton should find…


My Country, Sweet Land Of Hackery

By Jesse Taylor
Saturday, June 7, 2008 23:13 EDT

There’s a very simple way to explain David Broder. Bill Clinton ruined the moral fabric of his nation. George W. Bush ruined the moral fabric of some other shithole.…


Someone alert the SPLC

By auguste

And no, that’s not a joke. Update: From Mnemosyne in comments: Since I’ve been complaining about nutty websites, let me today point out that TalkLeft has returned to sanity and both Jeralyn and Big Tent Democrat have posted that they will support Obama wholeheartedly now that Clinton has officially suspended…


The Feminist Survival Guide To Book Salons

By Amanda Marcotte

At 5PM EST, 4PM Central, Firedoglake will be hosting a book salon for my book It’s a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments. Sara Robinson from Group News Blog and Orcinus will be hosting. Both Sara and I will be on hand to answer questions,…


Dude! You’re getting the highest office in the land!

By auguste

Jeebus, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. [W]hen Michelle Obama threw the dap at her husband a few days ago, I prayed a tiny little pray to my good friend Jesus: “Dear Lord in Heaven above,” I said, “If you love me the way I love…



By Jesse Taylor

Clinton endorses Obama.…


National Screw On Contraception Day

By Amanda Marcotte

Mighty Ponygirl has declared it National Screw While On Contraception Day. Yes, even if you’re “trying”. Or you’re in a committed and tested relationship that’s not running the risk of the big knock-up because you’re gay or sterilized or pregnant or post-menopausal or whatever. You don’t even need a partner.…


The Plural Of Anecdote Is Conservatism

By Jesse Taylor

Patterico’s Pontifications notices that unemployment rates for those ages 16-24 have risen much faster than those for other age groups, and that said rise probably has a lot to do with that age group entering the market for summer work. For that bit of correctitude, the author gets a cookie.…


The Internet Has Been Won

By Jesse Taylor

The McCain campaign sends out “The McCain Update” every Friday night, a source of bemusement to me for no other reason than that in politics, Friday nights are when you do things you don’t want anybody to see. This week’s update is headed by a “strategy briefing” from their campaign…