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About those “Present” votes…

By auguste
Sunday, June 8, 2008 21:01 EDT

I don’t want to belabor this point too much, because McCain would have to be a massive hypocrite to bring it up*, but I thought it was worth noting:

[T]he Illinois Planned Parenthood Council says Obama’s “present” votes were actually part of a careful strategy to prevent those restrictions from passing.

President Pam Sutherland said the group feared several senators were going to vote “yes” on the legislation because of attacks from Republicans over their past opposition. Sutherland says she approached Obama and convinced him to vote “present” so that the wavering senators would do the same. For their purposes, a “present” was as good as an outright “no” because it kept the bills from reaching the majority needed to pass.

* So expect it any day now.

Raising visibility and diversity: Obama’s LGBT outreach call and commitment to the community

By pams

On Friday, Barack Obama’s campaign held a conference call for about 1200 bloggers, media and LGBT community members to discuss its outreach efforts for the general election. I was invited to be on the impromptu call, but it coincided right when I was on a flight. The good news is Andrew Belonsky of Queerty was on and blogged it. What’s notable is that Obama deputy campaign director, Steve Hildebrand, acknowledged Hillary Clinton voters’ participation and…


OMFG godly plagiarism!

By Amanda Marcotte

OMFG. Echidne posted a link to blinkytreefrog, who found a book from about 1951 called “On Becoming A Woman”. Which is very fortuitous, as the Human Life Alliance has put a PDF of their abstinence-only rags “Just For Girls” and “Just For Boys”, which are similar to this 1951 book…



By Jesse Taylor

One of the dirty little secrets of political campaigning is that every campaign is constantly telling the press bad things about their opponent. It’s to be expected – they’re constantly looking to be spoonfed stories, and the campaign has minions toiling away finding out insidious things about misfiled zoning applications…


“We don’t have an option, now.”

By auguste

Via Kid Oakland at some little orange site somewhere, watch this: It’s long, but worth watching. Kid Oakland has several suggestions for how to get involved.…


Let Us Not Forget

By Jesse Taylor

Even on a day of great unity, where Senator Clinton made a gracious and much-needed overture towards repairing the deep rifts in a great political party, I ask that none of us forget the one overarching lesson of this seemingly endless primary season. Mark Penn really was a loathsome, shit-eating…


My Country, Sweet Land Of Hackery

By Jesse Taylor
Saturday, June 7, 2008 23:13 EDT

There’s a very simple way to explain David Broder. Bill Clinton ruined the moral fabric of his nation. George W. Bush ruined the moral fabric of some other shithole.…


Someone alert the SPLC

By auguste

And no, that’s not a joke. Update: From Mnemosyne in comments: Since I’ve been complaining about nutty websites, let me today point out that TalkLeft has returned to sanity and both Jeralyn and Big Tent Democrat have posted that they will support Obama wholeheartedly now that Clinton has officially suspended…


The Feminist Survival Guide To Book Salons

By Amanda Marcotte

At 5PM EST, 4PM Central, Firedoglake will be hosting a book salon for my book It’s a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments. Sara Robinson from Group News Blog and Orcinus will be hosting. Both Sara and I will be on hand to answer questions,…


Dude! You’re getting the highest office in the land!

By auguste

Jeebus, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. [W]hen Michelle Obama threw the dap at her husband a few days ago, I prayed a tiny little pray to my good friend Jesus: “Dear Lord in Heaven above,” I said, “If you love me the way I love…