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By Jesse Taylor
Saturday, June 7, 2008 19:39 EDT

National Screw On Contraception Day

By Amanda Marcotte

Mighty Ponygirl has declared it National Screw While On Contraception Day. Yes, even if you’re “trying”. Or you’re in a committed and tested relationship that’s not running the risk of the big knock-up because you’re gay or sterilized or pregnant or post-menopausal or whatever. You don’t even need a partner. Wrap a condom around a butt plug and shove it up your ass. Or blow condoms up and decorate your house with them while running…


The Plural Of Anecdote Is Conservatism

By Jesse Taylor

Patterico’s Pontifications notices that unemployment rates for those ages 16-24 have risen much faster than those for other age groups, and that said rise probably has a lot to do with that age group entering the market for summer work. For that bit of correctitude, the author gets a cookie.…


The Internet Has Been Won

By Jesse Taylor

The McCain campaign sends out “The McCain Update” every Friday night, a source of bemusement to me for no other reason than that in politics, Friday nights are when you do things you don’t want anybody to see. This week’s update is headed by a “strategy briefing” from their campaign…


Funny ladies write funny books

By Amanda Marcotte
Friday, June 6, 2008 23:06 EDT

A couple of book reviews tonight for some short, funny books. First of all, Jen Sorensen’s cartoon collection Slowpoke: One Nation, Oh My God!. I met Jen at the WAM! conference, and I have to say that the arch humor she showcases in her comics is exactly how she acts…


Last Day at the LA Times

By Amanda Marcotte

That was fun! The last day, Katha and I talk about movies about child-bearing and how boring it is to cram women into such traditional roles.…


Luckily, brothels are “just for guys”

By Amanda Marcotte

There’s a new magazine out that’s pretending to be a general interest teenage magazine, but is actually an abstinence-only propaganda rag. Guess what it’s called? That’s right. Abstinence: It’s just for girls. I know the law makes them say otherwise when they’re peddling this shit in the classroom, but it’s…


The Log Cabin Republicans want to ‘educate’ LGBTs about McCain

By pams

John McCain is no friend of the LGBT community. He has spent the entire primary season trying to convince the hardcore anti-gay bible-beating set that he’s a true believer. I don’t think he’s fooled anyone, but he certainly hasn’t been a maverick who bucks his party to support LGBT equality.…


Everybody Ride The Bus, Just Ride It (Ding…Ding?)

By Jesse Taylor

Ezra is talking transit: Reich suggests making transit funding a major part of the next economic stimulus package, which is a terrific idea. When you’re dealing with an economic downturn heavily related to skyrocketing energy costs, countercyclical spending on transportation alternatives is about the world’s most perfectly tailored policy response.…


EMILY’s List supports candidate running anti-gay, anti-Semitic campaign

By pams

It’s amazing the schisms that have broken open in this campaign season. Bil Browning of The Bilerico Project has an eye-opening post up, “Why is EMILY’s List endorsing anti-semitism, racism and homophobia?” EMILY’s List, an organization that promotes and helps fund women who run for public office, the primary goal…