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Freepers on Scotty McClellan

By pams
Thursday, May 29, 2008 16:00 EDT

Just thought I’d give you a peek at some of the Freeper thread headlines regarding Scott McClellan’s tell all book…

* Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House (SCOTT THE SNITCH)

* How Washington Culture Seduces [Rush on what happened to McClellan]

* The Soros-McClellan Connection (on a Little Green Footballs thread!)

* McClellan’s First Stop on Cable: MSNBC’s Far-Left ‘Countdown’

A sampling of the screeching is below the fold.

Actual Freeper Quotes

The WORST Press Secy….EVER….EVER!! What an INCOMPETENT BOOB!! Hillary and Media Matters must have FLIPPED him!!

We knew Scott McClellan was a pussy. Now we know he’s a shameless opportunist.

Scott you still suck.

These kiss and tell books about an administration before it is over, don’t do us any service IMO. If we’re talking about criminality, that’s differenct, but if we’re talking about how a president chooses to conduct his policies, that’s up to him until he is out of office. Then tell all you want. And let the chips fall where they will.

I wish W had chosen Ann Coulter to be his press secretary.

Yep GWB made some very bad choices for a number of positions, this prick McClellan, Rice, Tenant, Powell, etc…

I blame Bush for hiring this guy. I read somewhere that the only reason he was hired was because his family had backed Bush and he had worked for him on one of the campaigns. When you watched him, you could tell he was grossly incompetent. At times, the way he spoke and expressed himself made Bush look like Shakespeare.

Another one of those selfless individuals who “retire” from public service and then try to make a buck on it. Thanks Scott, now hit the road, ya backstabbing bum!

Leaving bogus claims in book aside (have not seen it), McClellan was a horrible press secretary. Every time he went in front of the press he looked like he was ready to cry. He could not think on his feet (not as clueless as Obama, but very close). I would like to know who recommended this moron for the job in the first place.

I hope that GWB has learned that loyalty to incompetent hacks like this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Has GWB ever publicly humiliated or criticized anyone he has appointed, whether he asked them to resign or not? I can’t think of any examples, yet so many of these people who didn’t do a very good job for his administration end up trashing him.

Exactly. McClellan is a little worm. If it weren’t for W and Karen Hughes giving him his shot at the big time he’d still be riding his mommy’s coat tails in Texas politics.

And let me add….if somebody wants to know what skills a great press secretary would possess…then take a look at Tony Snow.

I hope that after Bush leaves office that he writes a book and its only topic is what a complete idiot McClellan was (and is).

You know what? The more I sit here and think about this, the angrier I am. What a back stabbing, lowlife, self promoting, sorry excuse for a human being. He’s certainly no gentleman. Grrrrrr………

Scotty was, and still is, a weasely, incompetent, a$$.

A turd on a stick would have made a better spokesman.

I think Tony’s replacement, Dana is fabulous also!! Maybe better..

The minute Ari Fleisher stepped down as Press Secretary, the Bush Administration started floundering. You could walk down to the local bar and find people who would have been a far more competent and effective Press Secretary than Scott McClellan. He was the worst, and one of the Bush Administration’s biggest failures was their inability to properly explain and defend their actions related to the war in Iraq. McClellan was the idiot who failed most miserably and timidly.

McClellans DAD was the one who said LBJ had JFK assassinated…..which I DO believe.

McClellan was terrible in that position and he is mad about his sad reputation as an effective press secretary. His book will NOT be on my purchase list. Shame on Scotty. I hope he gets shunned by all republicans, as he deserves to be, IF these stories are true. You never know with the media anymore, if they are “reporting” fact or propaganda.

I am not goint to attack McCllellan just because he is attacking President Bush. Almost all the things that he is supposed to be saying here, have been said about Bush right here on FR. I only wonder if he goes and tackles any of the spending bill decisions in the book. Perhaps people are satisfied with Katrina response and did not attack Bush here, but poor war planning, terrible execution, and frustatingly slow to adjusting to realities on ground are realities. Its foolish to deny that. I however completely disagree with his accusation that Bush went into “permanent campaign mode”.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. One reason W is in trouble and legacy is in jeapordy IS the fact that he DID NOT SELL HIS VIEWS ENOUGH. He didn’t remain in touch with the general public. He isolated himself and retreated to the Oval office and once that connection was broken between President and the people, and on the other hand media was barraging the people with ghastly images and statistics everyday, what other result can one expect? W did not do a good job of educating people on the issues. So McClellan is way off base if he is going to accuse Bush of just being a propoganda artist. Their are no facts to back that up. I have hoped and prayed that W would come out and address those issue everyday. He didn’t and he doesn’t.

I also don’t like innuendo. For instance, he implies Rove and Scooter Libby went behind closed doors to “collude”. He says “I have no idea what they discussed, but it seemed suspicious for these two, whom I had never noticed spending any one-on-one time together, to go behind closed doors and visit privately. …”. Gee Scott, maybe they discussed your incompetence in getting the message out. Maybe McClellan is a black helicopter kind of guy. McClellan has NO idea why they met but he knows it had to be nefarious.

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