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Well, Hello

By pandagonadmin
Monday, June 2, 2008 12:17 EDT

You know, if nobody’s going to discuss what’s going on in the Democratic primary, I suppose I’m gonna have to.

Cabinet position offer for Hillary?

By pams

I didn’t watch cable news most of Sunday — has the MSM in the U.S. mentioned this? From the UK Telegraph: Hillary Clinton will be offered a dignified exit from the presidential race and the prospect of a place in Barack Obama’s cabinet under plans for a “negotiated surrender” of her White House ambitions being drawn up by Senator Obama’s aides. The former First Lady would get the chance to pilot Mr Obama’s reforms of…


Experience: What counts?

By auguste

I’ve already stated that I think Washington experience is overrated, so I’ll admit up front that my personal opinions don’t have a huge stake in this, but after reading the 15,000th Clinton-leaning piece of writing referring to Obama’s “lack of experience”, I decided to ask for some clarification. The question…


Ready for a Creation Museum expansion?

By pams

Are you lining up for tickets for the dinosaurs-walked-the-earth-with-Man venue this summer? And they want to inflict this anti-science BS on other cities, with mini-versions in churches. The group behind a museum that focuses on the biblical account of creation plans to expand the facility in Northern Kentucky over the…


“A Fistful Of Quarters” is funny without seeing any movie, though

By Amanda Marcotte
Sunday, June 1, 2008 23:08 EDT

I like this topic, so I’m stealing it for a post here: What films should you not watch until you’ve seen others that give you the background material? Ones suggested in the thread: “The Great Escape” before “Chicken Run” and the Romero movies before “Shaun of the Dead”. (I love…


Love Me, I’m A Luddite

By Amanda Marcotte


Stephen Colbert interviews FRC’s Tony Perkins

By pams

I forgot to post this gem – Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council delivers his response to the California Supreme Court ruling on marriage to Stephen Colbert. Ah, Tony’s a real masochist — who knew? PageOneQ: “I’ve read the constitution forwards and backwards,” Colbert continued, “and I see nothing…


Unhinged Clinton supporter: Dems throwing election away for ‘an inadequate black male’

By pams

Oh my – the bigot knives came out big time at the Rules Committee hearing chaos. Take at look at what Jane Hamsher captured — this inconsolable Hillary supporter, Harriet Christian, screaming at reporters in this clip about how the party is… “…throwing the election away…for what — an inadequate…


Obama resigns from church

By pams

It was simply time to cut his ties to the Trinity United Church of Christ. (AP): Barack Obama has resigned his 20 year membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by his longtime pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and more recent…



By auguste
Saturday, May 31, 2008 23:45 EDT

Would you get on a plane flown by this man? Doop-dee-doop, checkin’ the email*. Press Release – May 29, 2008. Democratic National Committee advised of Criminal Case in US Supreme Court involving Senators Clinton and Obama Holy crap! What’s this now, and why haven’t I heard of it? You’d think…