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Mao dse Blasio is America’s new Sandanista communist mayor president dictator guy

By TBogg
Thursday, January 2, 2014 16:13 EDT

As you are no doubt aware, New York City is the absolute ground-zero straw-that-stirs-the-drink center of the universe from which all things good and bad and important and insignificant flow and its gravitational pull is inescapable and ruthless so you might as well quit resisting and just put on a Yankees cap already and submit.  DO IT!  So when New York elects a new mayor it has a butterfly wing effect that ruffles everything from the hair of a conservative farmer in a Iowa ethanol field to the delicate sensibilities of common sense rightwingers even though they are all hiding inside with the windows boarded over and the doors locked and won’t come out until the knockout game reign of terror has ended.

Or when Zombie Jesus Ronald Reagan returns.

One of those.

Unless you have already received a late night knock on the door last night from a jack-booted thug bearing instructions to report to a reeducation camp before the weekend, you probably aren’t aware that New York City just elected a communist socialist strongman thug who will destroy everything that is good and pure and Jesus-y in America. Yup. His name is Bill de Blasio, which doesn’t sound like a real American name like Reince Priebus, and these are things that the people of New York knew about him before they elected him.

He’s married to A Blah who was not always a fan of the The D:

Bill de Blasio’s wife opened up about falling in love with a man after years of identifying as a lesbian and their life as a “very conventional, unconventional couple” in a candid interview released Thursday.

Chirlane McCray, 58, said her relationship with de Blasio was made possible “by putting aside the assumptions I had about the form and package my love would come in.”

The interview, with Essence magazine, comes 34 years after McCray penned a groundbreaking 1979 essay for Essence entitled, “I Am a Lesbian,” about coming out as a gay black woman.

He’s a Sandinista fan and, no I don’t mean the Clash CD which some think is better than London Calling, but I disagree:

New York City Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio spent time as a left-wing supporter and activist for Nicaragua’s ruling Sandinista party at a time when the Reagan administration characterized it as “tyrannical” and “Communist.” He also honeymooned in Cuba in violation of the United States’ ban on travel to the Caribbean Communist stronghold, The New York Times reported Monday.

The revelations immediately sparked outrage from Joe Lhota, de Blasio’s Republican opponent in November’s election. “It’s pretty obvious we think very, very differently about the way the governments of the world should work and the way the people should interact with their government,” said Lhota when asked about the Times piece.

And if people didn’t understand this man’s character when they went to the polls, they certainly got the point when he chose noted blowjob-recipient guy,  Hillary Clinton’s husband, to swear him in, thereby double-desecrating a Bible even though it was already a communist Bible:
Appropriately, de Blasio was sworn in on a Bible once owned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who did more than any other president (so far even including Obama) to erode the Constitution and move America toward authoritarian collectivism. After the ceremony, the historic Bible went missing. What do you expect from an administration that sold itself in advance as a looting spree? Hours later the Bible reappeared.
What the hell? How did this communist takeover of America happen? Are there no Wolverines! in New York City?
NRO’s John Fund thought the same thing:
Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.12.14 AM

We all knew we were in for something completely different when the inauguration of self-described “progressive” Bill de Blasio as New York’s mayor began with a keynote from pro-Communist activist Harry Belafonte.The 86-year-old singer has a history of extremism. He has been an infamous house guest of Fidel Castro, called Colin Powell and Condi Rice “house slaves” of the Bush administration, and last year compared the free-market Koch brothers to the Ku Klux Klan.


He was followed by the Reverend Fred Lucas Jr., whose talk was dominated by slavery metaphors and analogies. He compared New York’s five boroughs to a “plantation” and managed to cram into his short speech other references to slavery, such as “shackles,” “bondage,” “auction blocks,” “the Emancipation Proclamation,” the “Civil War,” and the “Reconstruction Era.”


The speeches finally over, the crowd went into City Hall to celebrate the arrival of the New Progressivism. I noted that Bertha Lewis, the former national head of the scandal-ridden ACORN “community-organizing” group, was an honored guest. Last fall, the New York Post reported that, according to a Democratic insider, ACORN had long sought to put de Blasio into the mayor’s office. “Without exaggeration, ACORN’s long-range plan since 2001 was to elect de Blasio mayor,” the insider said. “De Blasio was a big ACORN project.”

The fact that ACORN still rules our world is the biggest set-back for James O’Keefe since his rape boat fantasy went unrequited. Okay, maybe his second biggest fail, but who cares anymore because pretty soon we’ll all be out of work just like the horses of New York City and then we’re probably either gonna starve to death in a field somewhere or be put out to stud (sit down Douthat, you had your chance. No stud for you…) .

So, COMRADES, I suggest  that you get in the good graces of our new New York Socialist Overlord by making a visit to NYC to pay your respects and promise eternal fealty to the New New York World Order which is about to swamp America like a Red Tsunami. You can also see Mama Mia while you’re in town because, like communism, “you already know you’re going to love it“.

If you know what’s good for you…

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