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Ben Shapiro can really swing either way with this whole gay homosexuality thing in America

By TBogg
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 17:43 EDT
Ben Shapiro speaks to Fox News

It is possible that I may have mentioned Ben Shapiro once or twice during his storied rise from guy who explained that people of Germany had never experienced life under communism to the guy who pushed the made-up Friends Of Hamas joke into a ‘thing’. What a long dumb trip it’s been.

During the intervening years, we have watched the Artist Formerly Known as The Virgin Ben, get all growed-up, write for TownhalLOL, graduate from both UCLA and Harvard Law, and briefly warm a seat at a law firm before being taken under the flabby wing of the now-dead Andrew Breitbart.  Along the way he also got married to a lovely young lady with whom he (presumably) fathered a child .

Pix or it didn’t happen, Ben. And I don’t mean the birth.

Things then took a bad turn when Andrew Breitbart took a permanent sidewalk nap and the editorial reins of the Breitbart World Enterprises & Look What The Negroes Are Doing Now! website fell into the inept hands of a couple of doofs. This has not gone well.

With the good ship Breitbart in a race to the ocean floor with the National Review,  Shapiro looked for an exit strategy and ended up partnering with the World’s Most Disaffected Radical, David Horowitz, to create TruthRevolt, which purports to be site devoted to unmasking… leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.” For the most part though,  TruthRevolt gins up adorable little petition drives while collecting email addresses from the rubes for fun and profit. Shapiro signed on as the editor -in-chief at TruthRevolt and has maintained a tenuous finger-hold at Breitbart , despite what Betsy Rothstein says, and TruthRevolt seems to be his main perch for the foreseeable future.

Which brings us today, and What In The World Is Ben Shapiro Up To?

It seems that Ben appeared on Fusion TV (I’ve never heard of it either) to discuss the impact of a gay Michael Sam on the NFL and how the hell America feels about the gays in general. Why ask Ben Shapiro? Because … shut up, you get to hear him say “vastly minute“, which is awesome.  Just watch:

For those who couldn’t take his adenoidal voice for very long -by which I mean ‘all of you’ – Shapiro, among other things, explained:

I am happy for Michael Sam because he’s being who he wants to be and that’s wonderful. I do think the media is overblowing it, because the media has a particular purpose here, and that is anytime the media senses a milestone, the milestone is directed against people that don’t exist. Namely, this great, vast number of people that hate Michael Sam and hate gay people. I don’t think America is a homophobic place.

He added:

I don’t understand why the media makes it a big deal, and I’m wondering, after he comes out and after he’s accepted, is the media going to move on to the first gay jockey or the first gay hockey player. The goal of the media in all of this is to create this bug-a-boo of the American populace as vastly homophobic, as hating gay people, and therefore it is a massive challenge for any gay American in public life to come out. That’s simply not true in America 2014. When the media portrays it as a great act of heroism for anybody to come out.

Golf clap, Ben Shapiro, for explaining that America is not a homophobic haven of hate and where the hell do you people, (yeah you!) get off saying that America is all gay-hatin 24/7′?

Like Ben , I see no evidence of of this media created ‘bug-a-boo’, not even when I go to the next Ben Shapiro-editor-in-chief’ed TruthRevolt story, headlined:



These ads follow hot on the heels of the Super Bowl commercial for Coca-Cola that featured “America the Beautiful” sung in a mixture of English and foreign languages. The ad also featured a gay couple and their children.

I bet the red letters have something to do with Valentine’s Day. That must be it.

Happy Valentine’s Day gays. Ben Shapiro loves you long time.

Or at least until he needs some homo-hatin’ clickbait…

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