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Ex-BP CEO Tony Hayward: I would have done better with an acting degree

In an interview to be aired Tuesday, former BP CEO Tony Hayward said that the company was not prepared to deal with the media “feeding frenzy” following the Gulf oil spill. Hayward complained to BBC that he had been “demonized and vilified.” The former CEO explained that he would have…

Global warming ‘unquestionably’ due to humans: France

Global warming exists and is unquestionably due to human activity, France’s Academy of Science said in a report published Thursday and written by 120 scientists from France and abroad. “Several independent indicators show an increase in global warming from 1975 to 2003. This increase is mainly due to the increase…

BP using toxic chemicals to ‘disperse’ spilled oil

Related: Chemical that drags oil to ocean floor being mass produced in Sugarland, Texas The chemicals BP is now relying on to break up the steady flow of leaking oil from deep below the Gulf of Mexico could create a new set of environmental problems. Even if the materials, called…

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