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Administration loses appeal on six-month offshore drilling moratorium

The Obama administration lost its bid Thursday to maintain a six-month moratorium on offshore deepwater drilling which a federal judge ordered to be lifted last month. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the government’s request to stay that judge’s order pending appeal. The motion was denied because the government…

Obama to reopen waters for shallow water drilling

Facing an angry tsunami from oil companies, oil company employees and oil company servicers in the Gulf Coast, the Obama Administration is set to quickly reopen drilling sites in the Gulf. The Administration will release new safety requirements in the wake of a massive BP oil spill. After a rig…

Doctors group says Bush Administration conducted medical experiments on detainees

A new report by the watchdog group Physicians for Human Rights alleges Monday that the Bush Administration experimented on terrorism suspects during their enhanced interrogation program put in force starting in 2002. The group’s review, which examined Bush-era documentation, asserts that the administration violated laws set up in the wake…

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