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Yemeni officer ‘hurt’ in suspected Al-Qaeda attack

Suspected Al-Qaeda militants on Saturday opened fire on a Yemeni army officer, seriously wounding him in a drive-by shooting attack, military and medical sources said. “Two Al-Qaeda gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on the car of Lieutenant Colonel Saeed al-Maliki, wounding him,” a military spokesman for the army’s 111 battalion in…

US to spend $75 million on new Yemen military training

WASHINGTON – The United States aims to spend $75 million to double the size of a special Yemeni counter-terrorism unit, a US official said on Monday. The funding, which has yet to be approved by Congress, is part of a broader effort to increase pressure on al Qaeda’s Yemen-based affiliate,…

Yemeni cleric urges US military Muslims to attack brothers in arms

Radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi urged all Muslims serving in the US army to follow the example of Major Nidal Hasan who stands accused of killing 13 comrades, in an Internet video posted on Sunday. “What Nidal Hasan did was heroic… and I call on all Muslims serving in the…

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