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Conan’s ‘Watergate’ spoof: Marco Rubio smokes a bong

In a segment aired Wednesday night on “Conan,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) didn’t take a swig of water during his State of the Union response: he took a hit off a bong. “He could have waited, you know?” Conan said. Co-host Andy Richter replied: “They’re trying to reach out to…

Andy Richter does the worst Gingrich impersonation ever

“Conan” co-host Andy Richter doesn’t “do impressions,” nor does he follow politics, he explained Tuesday night. Despite this, at Conan O’Brian’s urging he donned a gray wig and, for the briefest moment, was “95 percent” of the way to being Newt Gingrich. But then, he opened his mouth. “Now just…