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Greek PM faces critical confidence vote

ATHENS (AFP) – Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou vowed there would be no backsliding on a 28 billion euro programme of cuts ahead of a confidence vote Tuesday seen as key to calming fears for the euro’s future. Lawmakers are expected to give their verdict on Papandreou’s new-look government at…

IMF: Greek debt could trigger fresh global crisis

The International Monetary Fund warned Monday that Greece’s ongoing public debt crisis could result in a new global financial catastrophe if the European Union does not act quickly to stabilize the situation. While the fund did note that the European recovery does seem to be moving on pace, the Greek…

Violence overshadows peaceful march against UK budget cuts

LONDON – Masked rogue protesters battled police and attacked landmark London shops and hotels Saturday, overshadowing a peaceful march by more than a quarter of a million Britons against government cuts. In the biggest rally in the capital since protests against the Iraq war in 2003, adults and children joined…

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