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Netherlands 2-1 Brazil: Fluke upon fluke upon giant fail

Felipe Melo: Looking happy for possibly the last time in his life. Having picked the Netherlands to win this game in our predictions thread, it’d be nice to be able to gloat on this one. But those of us who picked the Dutch were lucky, not right; Brazil lost this…

Expect the best, prepare for the WTF?

After the excitement brought on by today’s early match, I’m sure we all expected it to continue and increase with the other two games. Considering the countries involved – the #1 and #3 ranked teams, the #27-but-featuring-a-seriously-kick-ass-striker-who-stopped-a-Civil-War team, and a team ranked 105th hailing from a nuke-filled dictatorship run by…

Live-Blog: Brazil-Estonia International Friendly

Over the past year or so, Brazil has been up and down, but have won enough when it has mattered to keep under-fire coach Dunga in place. Despite the calls for Dunga’s head in Brazil for running too defensive a game plan, Brazil starts the game with serious firepower with…

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