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Anti-health reform caller threatened to kill Sen. Murray

Update at bottom: FBI used anti-reform Astroturf group to catch Murray caller Sarah Palin better hope Charles Alan Wilson isn’t one of her Facebook friends. “A central Washington man was so enraged by the passage of federal health care reform that he threatened to kill U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, prosecutors…

Caller asks GOP senator if he prayed hard enough for other senators to die

UPDATE The caller who asked GOP Sen. John Barrasso on CSPAN Tuesday if Republicans’ prayers for Sen. Robert Byrd to die may have misfired and hit Sen. Jim Inhofe instead may have been a prankster. Eric Kleefeld at TalkingPointsMemo reports that “back in April, a man with a very similar…

Beck defends clause counting blacks as three-fifths of a person

WASHINGTON — Glenn Beck offered listeners a rather unique version of U.S. Constitutional history on his radio show Tuesday. In response to a question from an African-American caller, Beck defended the original “Three-Fifth Clause” in the Constitution, which deemed African-Americans to be “three-fifths of all other persons.” It was a…

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