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Health insurers secretly funded $10-$20 million in attack ads

Seen one of those TV ads attacking healthcare reform? Chances are, it may have been paid for by a health insurance company funneling money through the US Chamber of Commerce — who then funneled it to one of two front groups it created specifically aimed at derailing or watering down…

A Thought

If John McCain had just said he was canceling events to go to D.C. for the bailout bill, it one, wouldn’t look any different than his still-ongoing (but really suspended!) campaign does now and two, wouldn’t have subjected him to days of ridicule. But what do I know? The last…


One of the dirty little secrets of political campaigning is that every campaign is constantly telling the press bad things about their opponent. It’s to be expected – they’re constantly looking to be spoonfed stories, and the campaign has minions toiling away finding out insidious things about misfiled zoning applications…

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