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SNL: Obama explains why census includes sex questions

If the rate for the last week of census response displays a downward spiral, some might blame Saturday Night Live. Ten months after President Obama said that his SNL portrayer was “starting to get it down a little bit,” Fred Armisen opened this weekend’s Tina Fey hosted show intoning, “Good…

Rove appeals to traditionalists fearful of census

For many conservative Americans, it is more soothing to rely on the past to help get through the present. “Author and former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove will appear in a new public service announcement from the U.S. Census Bureau designed to convince people to mail back their 2010…

Tea Party could cost Republicans in census

Republicans were thrilled when Tea Party-backed Scott Brown won a special election to capture Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. But they’re not quite as thrilled with the Tea Party now. Angst at the government in power may fuel some conservatives to boycott the US census, costing their party coveted…

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