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Chicago aldermen back marijuana decriminalization proposal

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A group of Chicago aldermen plan to introduce an ordinance at a Wednesday city council meeting that would decriminalize possessing small amounts of marijuana. Supporters say the measure would help raise revenue for the city, save money and free up police to pursue more serious crimes. Cook…

The hamster wheel of trying to prove something

Okay, this made me laugh. Conservatives Are Weird Not that I really care, but the whole Olympics thing was just bizarre. The link goes to Media Matters, which chronicled the strange celebration conservatives threw because Obama wasn’t able to get the Olympics to Chicago. Conservative media figures have celebrated the…

The massive sucktitude of American Airlines is beyond belief

It’s time for another airline horror story. Cheer me up by sharing your worst experiences… I was supposed to be in Chicago right now, where I was to appear on a panel tomorrow AM at Blogging While Brown, one of the few conferences I really wanted to attend this year:Netroots…

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