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WikiLeaks plans to post video showing US massacre of Afghani civilians

The whisteblower website WikiLeaks — which exploded onto the national stage earlier this month after it released a video recording showing US servicemembers shooting two reporters and six others to death — says they plan to release another, even more harrowing clip. The clip will show previously classified footage from…

Exclusive: How The Yes Men duped media into hyping NYT spoof

Among The Yes Men’s greatest triumphs was releasing and circulating tens of thousands of copies of a futuristic New York Times edition that portrayed a utopian vision of the United States — one where single-payer health care passed through Congress and big oil was forced to fund climate change projects.…

Fox News host: ‘All of the people who try to blow up airliners look alike’

Fox News host Steve Doocy was forced to backtrack Tuesday after a guest called him out over a seemingly transparent racist quip in which he declared that all the suspects who’d tried to blow up American airliners “look alike.” “Critics argue when you think about it, for the most part,…

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