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Friday Genius Ten “Congrats To Our New Overlord Sotomayor” Edition

Here’s my Genius mix. Leave yours in comments. Original song: “The Laws Have Changed” by the New Pornographers 1) “Autumn Sweater”—Yo La Tengo 2) “Birdie Brain”—The Fiery Furnaces 3) “Another Sunny Day”—Belle and Sebastian 4) “Hold On, Hold On”—Neko Case 5) “Energy”—Apples In Stereo 6) “Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be…

Rachel Maddow drops it like a sock

Congrats to everyone’s favorite bullshit-piercing artist getting a show on MSNBC. This is unbelievably wonderful news at the start of the biggest part of the election season, the part where the low information voters start to tune in. I’m feeling optimism going into the fall, which concerns me and makes…