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There Is No Cake

I bow to you, Jeff Goldstein. You have redefined correctitude in my eyes, other random conservatives. American Thinker, you smell like jasmine and sunshine. However, you are all still idiots. I know that remembering all the way back to five years ago is like super hard and stuff, but let’s…


No More Mister Nice Blog points out that the new generation of fiercely independent rebel conservatives are actually just like the last few generations of fiercely independent rebel conservatives. The funny part about the conservative movement is that it constantly requires a reinvigoration of their central myths – and the…

Ain’t No Sunshine

Yes, conservatives are happier than liberals. Lying to yourself tends to make you happier than people whose first thought when they see a homeless person sleeping under a bridge isn’t “Ooh, I could go for a cupcake!” It would strike me that you don’t want to sell an entire book…

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