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US foreign aid to subsidize outsourced jobs in South Asia

Is American foreign aid being used to subsidize the creation of overseas jobs that replace US workers? A recent project announced by USAID suggests the answer may be yes. The US Embassy in Sri Lanka announced late last week that it will be funding a new program in the South…

Russian President: ‘Obama is a thinker — unlike other people’

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that President Obama is a “thinker” unlike “other people.” The Russian president seemed to be referring to President George W. Bush. “I won’t name anyone by name,” he said. In a rambling fashion, Medvedev also talks in vague terms about an “agreement”…

March jobs data shows biggest growth in three years

The recession-racked US economy is “beginning to turn the corner,” President Barack Obama said as data showed 162,000 jobs were created in March, the biggest increase in three years. The US Labor Department said Friday that job creation leaped dramatically in March after years of near-continual losses, although the increase…

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