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Sen. Vitter doesn’t know if Loving v. Virginia was a correct decision: ‘I haven’t read the case’

Who’d have thought we’d be talking about miscegenation in 2009? But as we saw yesterday, and now with this bit of business, there are people who have “Jungle Fever” still eating away at their bigoted brains 40+ years after Loving v. Virginia. For quite some time, the press, including Mike…

Mitch McConnell: stimulus will result in the ‘Europeanization of America’

Conservative are losing their minds over this stimulus plan. Tonight I had Lou Dobbs on the TV (don’t ask), and he showed a clip of McConnell declaring with horror that the stimulus plan was going to result in the “Europeanization of America”. ZOMG1!! Give him some Pampers. Speaking of Pampers,…

Vitter and Craig co-sponsor Federal Marriage Amendment

The “I’m not sh*tting you” news of the day. Here are two guys who should have hung their hypocritical heads in shame after embarrassing their party, but they just can’t help themselves – they hate TEH GAYZ that much. (PageOneQ): Two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual activity have…

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