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Despite Obama admin’s promise, DEA continues raids on medical marijuana growers

A day after telling a Denver news station of his profitable medical-marijuana operation, Chris Bartkowicz found himself under arrest by drug-enforcement agents who say they will continue to arrest growers despite a promise from the Obama administration to respect state laws allowing the growing and selling of marijuana for medicinal…

Photographer upset drug dealer stole his Limbaugh parody

A successful parody always risks being taken too seriously, and a parody ad targeting Rush Limbaugh’s drug use may have received the ultimate accolade when it was featured on the website of an actual dealer in illicit drugs. To the satirist’s dismay, his photoshopped image has now become part of…

Bringing out my inner (small-l) libertarian

My favorite Netroots Nation booth There’s not a single item in this article that doesn’t make me stuff-throwing, puppy-kicking angry. Federal agents raided a Culver City medical marijuana dispensary and spent more than four hours there, making no arrests but leaving the shop in disarray, it was reported Friday. Nice…

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