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Watch Palin’s ‘open book exam’ – reading her answers during the debate

Just painful. All Bible Spice needed was someone turning a key in her back to wind her up to spout the answer. After all, wasn’t Bush wired up for his debate? Hat tip to Think Progress: For Sarah Palin, last night’s debate was an open-book exam. She spent much of…

Have your lie and eat it too

I agree with Jesse, and with what Amanda actually said (not with what the usual cast of bad-faithers are babbling out, i.e. that Amanda’s channeling of what the typical voter is going to think is somehow what Amanda thinks): A teenage mother is not the story. Policy is the story.…

Decidedly Not Fascism

Dick Cheney, our fourth branch of government (it’s true – it’s in the Constitution right after Taco Bar Tuesday), does something which is in no way deserving of criticism or rebuke as a step towards fascism. Members of Vice President Cheney’s staff censored congressional testimony by a top federal official…

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