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Panic from the desk of Don Wildmon – America will ceast to exist ‘if liberals win the election’

Look at the latest e-blast from the American Family Association’s Don Wildmon. Do you think he wakes up at night worrying about our country, or that the AFA’s coffers are running low. You decide. Via Right Wing Watch: Please vote! Our children’s future depends on it! In my 70 years,…

American Family Association funnels $500K to ‘Protect Marriage’ Prop 8 group

In what is clearly seen as a Custer’s Last Stand for the professional homophobe set, someone at the Tupelo, Mississippi-based gay-hating American Family Association managed to pry $500K from the miserly, decrepit “Christian” hands of Don Wildmon to underwrite the pro-Prop 8 activities of ProtectMarriage.com. (CNS News): In a message…