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Filmmakers claim anti-LGBT author Orson Scott Card ‘won’t profit’ from ‘Ender’s Game’ movie

Controversial author who sparked protest with his anti-gay views won’t earn less money if film is boycotted, claim insiders In an effort to head off a potentially damaging boycott of the sci-fi epic Ender’s Game, sources close to the film’s producers have claimed controversial author Orson Scott Card, who wrote…

Geeks Out activists call for ‘Ender’s Game’ boycott over author’s anti-LGBT views

US group Geeks Out launches ‘Skip Ender’s Game’ website, citing novelist Orson Scott Card’s opposition to gay marriage A US activist group has called for a boycott of forthcoming science fiction epic Ender’s Game in protest at the anti-gay views of author Orson Scott Card, who wrote its source novel.…